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April 2019

Welcome to this April 2019 issue for suppliers registered on the Hinkley Supply Chain portal.

Some observers of the project make the mistake of thinking that with EDF Energy communicating that most of the Tier 1 contracts are now let, the supply chain opportunity for UK businesses is now limited. In fact, the opposite is true, with each Tier 1 contractor requiring their own supply chain of Tier 2 and 3 suppliers to support delivery. The reality is that the opportunities for most South West businesses are at the tier 2 and 3 level and these are growing in number and value every month.

In this issue we highlight the progress being made on site, the work package opportunities identified and matched with South West suppliers in recent weeks and we encourage you to read the case studies of two South West suppliers who have won contracts.

Our programme of workshops and the highly rated supplier induction programme continue to support suppliers seeking to improve their skills sets and knowledge of Hinkley Point C opportunities.

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Chris Langdon
Hinkley Supply Chain Project Lead
Somerset Chamber of Commerce
Project News
The construction site at Hinkley Point C changes every week. This is not surprising as the workforce is now over 3,800 and has multiple working areas where early construction work is taking place now that the major earthworks phase is complete. Work continues to build the network of roads and utilities necessary to allow the site to operate efficiently.

In March, the site witnessed the start of the construction of the first permanent, above ground building, the “Framatome Warehouse”. This building is being built by Bouygues UK and is utilising steelwork fabricated locally in Somerset. It will be used by the contractor responsible for assembling the nuclear steam supply system or NSSS.

The construction of the Unit 1 common raft (pictured) continues with a target to complete this in June. Two of the five very large concrete pours have taken place. This structure will provide the strong foundation for all the nuclear island buildings and is an internationally recognised milestone in the construction of nuclear power stations around the world.

Following close behind is the preparation of the platforms need to allow the construction of Unit 2. The Unit 2 team has benefited significantly from experience gained during the Unit 1 earthworks and, as a result, the excavation of Unit 2 has been 15% quicker than Unit 1.

Another visible addition to site are the construction bunkers needed to fabricate ring sections of the containment liners and the containment liner bases & domes. This work is being undertaken by Tissot and will allow the work to be carried out under cover. The bunkers include systems to provide shielding as the fabricated sections will be inspected using radiography.

Since the last newsletter, a notable landmark has been erected on site. This is the Marrs tower crane, which is the world’s strongest capacity tower crane in its class and will be used to lift the various components of the tunnel boring machines into place. To compliment this, the first sections of the Sarens SGC 250 heavy lift crane have arrived at Avonmouth. This massive crane will be assembled during 2019 and will be on site for 4 years. The crane will be lifting large components into place, including the containment liner sections, and has a maximum lift of 5,000 tonnes.
Further afield, EDF Energy launched the third round of consultation at Sizewell C in Suffolk. This project will be a near replica of Hinkley Point C and will benefit from the advances made in Somerset. EDF Energy will be working to ensure that local Suffolk businesses benefit from the project and the lessons learned at HPC are shared.
HPC Work Package Opportunities

By way of example the last few weeks we have promoted suppliers for the following work packages that have been identified by Tier 1 contractors:                                           
As a team our job has never been more critical and our concentration now will be focused on uncovering the next tier of contractors and ensuring the messages of ‘regional engagement and local supply chain’ are carried down through the procurement structures. We will, as always, continue to provide valuable business support to any business looking for assistance to get ‘Hinkley Ready’.

Over 100 companies have been supported via one of our workshops or through one to one visits in this time and our team continues to grow as we start to interview for our next Hinkley Supply Chain Team Apprentice.

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Supplier Case Studies
"Electrifying success for DS Electrical at HPC "

Darren Sparrey, founder and managing director of Bideford-based DS Electrical, doesn’t mince his words when describing the importance of winning contracts at Hinkley Point to his business: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”
DS Electrical was founded in 1994 to provide electrical services within the Industrial, Domestic and Commercial areas. Their commitment to quality, service and continual development has made DS Electrical one of the South West’s leading electrical specialists with regular clients including Tesco, Lidl and a number of other large retailers.

Employing over 60 staff throughout the South West, Darren said: “We form long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. We strive to build and maintain customer satisfaction through a superior quality of service based on respect and trust”.

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Ainscough: “We’re extremely proud to be part of what’s happening here in Somerset.”

There are hundreds of businesses of all sizes currently working at Hinkley Point C (HPC), though few can be as integral to daily site operations as Ainscough.
The UK’s largest crane company, Ainscough has gone to great lengths to embed itself into the South West’s business and educational communities and currently works with over 60 contractors on site.

With 30 depot locations across the UK from Scotland down to Devon, Ainscough is highly experienced in working on complex infrastructure projects and has brought that expertise to Somerset where it has over 50 people involved with the new nuclear build project at HPC.

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Hinkley Supply Chain Events - Write Up
Pre-Qualification: Best Practice Workshop (06.03.19) - What did the delegates think?

 Concerned they might fail to enter the Hinkley Point C supply chain at the first hurdle, delegates at the most recent Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) workshop said they felt much better prepared to showcase their capabilities at stage one of the tendering process.

The potential HPC suppliers who attended said the interactive workshop, led by SWMAS, had given them the confidence that they now know how to complete future PQQ’s more effectively. This should give them an improved chance of advancing their bid to supply HPC contractors to the next phase.
‘Content very useful to better understand supplying the nuclear industry’
-       Jeanette Kenyon, Business Development Associate @ Almeda Facilities
‘The support offered by the Hinkley Supply Chain Team is excellent’
-       Bob Coates, Director @ Rhizome Energy
‘Great for clarifying aspects of the HPC Project’
-       Carolina Kenny, Engineering Business Partner @ Parkway Engineering
You too can benefit from the expertise shared by our nuclear specialists and better understand the general PQQ expectations of HPC contractors - Pre-Qualification: Best Practice will run again on Thursday 6 th June at the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre, Bridgwater.

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Forthcoming Events
There is a range of *fully funded workshops delivered through the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme offering business support to local and regional companies wishing to target opportunities linked to the Hinkley Point C project.
*These workshops may be fully funded for SME (small/medium enterprise) companies based in Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, and South Wales. If you are an LE (large enterprise), or based outside of the above regions, there will be a charge of £125 to attend any workshop which covers two delegates. 

Contact Maria Ison for more details on 0117 403 4661.
Further workshops

We hold workshops covering a variety of other key subjects, all available for online booking, check out our 2019 events programme.

Calling South West businesses who have won Hinkley Point C contracts
Has your company won an HPC contract and would you like to tell us your good news?

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