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December 2018

Welcome to the December newsletter for businesses registered on the Hinkley Supply Chain portal. In this issue we update you on key milestones on the Hinkley Point C site, we bring you two case studies from businesses on engaging with the Project in order to win contracts and we profile one of the series of workshops being delivered by the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme.

We also issue a call to the hundreds of Somerset and South West businesses who are now delivering on contracts connected with Hinkley C, to help us monitor and map the spend from contracts issued, by responding to emails they may receive from HPC-LM3 Online. More details below.
On Monday 3 rd December Sedgemoor Campus opened its doors to the HPC workforce.
The Campus, located a 10 minute walk from Bridgwater town centre, has 986 bedrooms. It has a range of facilities including a restaurant, social hub, gym and multi-use games pitches.
It has undoubtedly been a very busy year and now we all look forward to a holiday break to spend some time with family and friends. Everyone on the Hinkley Supply Chain Team wishes you a Happy Christmas.


Chris Langdon
Project Lead – Hinkley Supply Chain Team
Project News
The Project continues to progress in line with its schedule and all 2018 milestones are now complete. During November, the Project received the regulatory approval to begin the construction and concrete pour for the common raft on Unit 1. This is the foundation upon which the nuclear reactor, safeguards and refuelling buildings will be constructed. Now complete, the first 4,500 tonne platform provides the stable foundations for the reactor and safety systems. It is made from high quality nuclear concrete, reinforced with steel from South Wales. The first section of 2000m³ of concrete was poured over 30 hours with maximum thickness of 3.2m. To date, and overall, around 250,000 cubic metres of concrete have been used across the site.

The sea wall is nearing completion and further afield the Sedgemoor Campus accommodation in Bridgwater began its initial operations on 3 rd December with the whole facility being operational in the New Year. A purpose-built Apprentice Hub building has also been opened on site and is providing facilities to the hundreds of apprentices already working on the Project. They now have a place to work on assignments, to study and network. This underpins the Project’s commitment to supporting skills and the development of young people within the region.
Every week the site changes, with more tower cranes being installed and new concrete platforms constructed. One of these is preparing to receive the largest crane in the world (Big Carl). This huge crane, built by Sarens in Belgium, will be assembled next year and will be located on site for nearly 4 years.

During the last week of November, the first components of the tunnel boring machines (TBM) were delivered to site via the heavy goods wharf at Combwich. Three TBMs will be used to construct the cooling water intake and outfall tunnels. The tunnel liner segments are to be manufactured at Avonmouth and the factory set up to do this is currently being commissioned.

On site, campaigns have been focussing on safety and quality. “Making Safety Personal” was a week-long campaign across the site to reinforce the zero harm culture and it highlighted the responsibilities everyone on site has, ensuring a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues. Another weekly campaign was dedicated to the “Right First Time” culture and how the Project monitors the success of this key principle. Focus on this has reduced delays and improved quality across the site in all areas.
MEH Joint Venture
The steps to fully set up and mobilise the MEH (Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC) Joint Venture are currently taking place allowing the procurement of long lead items and the establishment of systems and processes necessary to achieve a fully collaborative organisation.

The Hinkley Supply Chain team is engaged with the new organisation and hopes to be able to brief local and regional suppliers on the impact that the new arrangements will have in the New Year. Nevertheless, any previous engagement with Tier 1 contractors will not be lost but shared within the MEH Joint Venture 
For more information about the MEH Joint Venture click here
HPC - LM3 Online
As reported in earlier newsletters, the Project is using the LM3 Online system to capture and analyse the complex supply chain spend that is developing to create Hinkley Point C. Many Tier 2 suppliers who have already been involved in the Project will have received an email from the HPC-LM3 Online system asking them for some simple information such as their company type, the proportion of their business with HPC as a percentage within the local area and within the region, and validation of their location. The data is aggregated and used to report the socio-economic impact HPC is having within the region.
The map shows an example of some of the HPC suppliers and their supply chains.
In early October this year the Project was able to report to Government that over £840 million had been spent in the region… and that this was a conservative figure! The time taken to respond to these HPC-LM3 Online requests is very minimal and this data helps to build a true picture of the HPC effect.
East meets West
Somerset Chamber of Commerce continues to strengthen their links with Suffolk and Essex Chambers of Commerce, who are managing the regional supply chain portal on behalf of the Sizewell C bidding process in East Anglia.

In November, Sam Evans, Head of Hinkley Supply Chain Engagement and Somerset Chamber‘s recently appointed CEO, Stephen Henagulph, both travelled to EDF’s London office to meet with representatives from EDF Energy, Suffolk and Essex Chambers of Commerce. On the agenda was how to maximise opportunities in both the South West and the East of England areas for all regional companies within their respective boundaries, not only for their ‘local’ nuclear new builds but also for those across the other side of the country, and how best to achieve this without lessening their own specific regional impact. Also debated was how lessons learnt at Hinkley Point C (HPC) could be carried forward for future builds at Sizewell and Bradwell.

Sam Evans commented “It’s really exciting to be able to start to understand the strengths that Suffolk companies have and where they can fill in the capability gaps that we have locally. In addition, we can see the opportunities that are increasing outside Somerset for experienced companies in the South West.”

Although the mechanics and decisions are still to be finalised on how the information sharing will continue going forward, it’s evident that EDF Energy’s regional agendas on all three builds are positive, parallel and steadfast.
Supplier Case Studies
"Determination and perseverance are the key"

When the directors at Bridgwater-based Aspen Services first heard about the scale and complexity of contracts at Hinkley Point C (HPC) they were initially sceptical about the scale of opportunities that could be available to local businesses.

With the help and support of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and the Hinkley Point C (HPC) Supply Chain Team, they are now reaping the rewards.

Founded in 2001, Aspen Services is a specialist when it comes to commercial catering facilities, delivering top level design, installation and ongoing repair and maintenance to a wide range of customers including educational establishments and leisure outlets such as pubs, clubs and restaurants.

“We serve anywhere that has a commercial kitchen or catering operation,” says Gary Druitt, Director and Project Manager at Aspen Services.

The company currently employs 28 people, with 10 vans out on the road carrying out repairs and maintenance. Although based here in the South West, it is very much a nationally-focused business, with household-name clients throughout the UK such as supermarket chain Lidl.

To read more click here.
" Flamgard see nuclear new build as an opportunity for strategic growth "

Founded in 1981 and based in South Wales, Flamgard specialise in fire and gas protection for high integrity industries, mainly nuclear, oil and gas. Moving into the nuclear new build industry was a natural progression for the company who saw a clear opportunity for strategic growth in the future.

Shuresh Maran, Business Development Director, Flamgard Calidair said: “We already had a lot of work in the nuclear decommissioning sector so moving into new build was again a natural progression. The nuclear new build sector is a lot larger compared to decommissioning. When you look at nuclear new build, you have to adhere to the latest standards required in nuclear decommissioning.”

Due to the nuclear decommissioning work they have already undertaken, Flamgard had their documentation and quality processes in place. The next step was to secure funding for their product research. As they had already passed the performance criteria required, they looked for funding assistance from the Welsh Government, which resulted in a collaboration with Swansea University through the Astute Programme , designed to stimulate growth in the manufacturing sector across Wales.

To read more click here
Hinkley Supply Chain Events - Write Up
Project Management – 6 th November 2018

Delivered by Exelin (part of the HPC Professional Services Group)

On 6 th November The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme ran their Project Management half day workshop at the SEIC, to give companies an insight into effective project management, and help prepare them to manage HPC work alongside existing business commitments. Delegates attended from many of the South West companies currently receiving business support through this LEP funded programme, and the feedback received was excellent. 94% of attendees said they felt that this introduction to project management increased their knowledge of the subject, and many have requested a follow up meeting to discuss further courses.

‘Hinkley Supply Chain Programme is providing a very valuable service and it is vital to support local companies’ – Debra Nelmes; Sales Director @ Bristol Metal Spraying and Protective Coatings Ltd.

‘Businesses can benefit from these training opportunities and look to develop and grow as a result’ – Marie Yexley; Director @ SOL Electrical.

This is one of a variety of workshops that the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme offers throughout the South West and South Wales as part of the business assistance offered to local and regional companies interested in the HPC Project. Did you know that this support can be fully funded for eligible SME companies?
Forthcoming Events
Whatever stage you are at on your journey towards potentially supplying the Hinkley Point C project, the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme offers a variety of half day workshops covering key subjects.

Calling all potential Hinkley Point C suppliers.

Are you looking to increase your knowledge and credibility in the nuclear sector?

The HPC Supplier Induction Programme is supported by EDF, led by experienced nuclear experts, and will cover key areas based around nuclear standards of excellence to help you:
  • Identify and address supply chain risk factors – vital for companies at every tier of the HPC supply chain
  • Transfer existing products and services to the HPC project
  • Implement new industry specific skills, processes and behaviours into your business
  • Increase your knowledge and credibility in the nuclear sector
The next cohort begins at the SEIC on Tuesday 8 th January 2019 – book today and strengthen your position as a potential HPC Supplier.

To find out more click here
SEIC Breakfast with Balfour Beatty
08:30 - 09:30, Thursday 14 th February 2019 @ Somerset Energy Innovation Centre

The cable works are a national infrastructure project in their own right, with significant complexity, challenge and of course opportunity. Come and hear from the Balfour Beatty team delivering this essential part of the HPC project, plus there’s a chance to network with others and enjoy some breakfast.

Places are limited, register here
Nuclear South West Networking Evening – Monday 28 th January 2019
Hosted by EDF Energy - Bristol
Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with key companies in the supply chain and hear updates from senior HPC representatives and the NSW strategy team.
To find out more click here
Calling South West businesses who have won Hinkley Point C contracts
Has your company won an HPC contract and would you like to tell us your good news?

Email us and we may be able to share your success in a future newsletter.
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