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February 2018


During 2017 the Hinkley Supply Chain Team brokered engagement with 20 Tier 1 contractors and as part of the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme we identified and assessed 97 work packages and subsequently promoted over 1250 unique suppliers with relevant capability.
This activity together with existing contractor and supplier relations has resulted in over 135 SW suppliers who are in strong positions to be awarded over £110 million of construction related contracts. After 10 months of delivery of the Hinkley Supply Chain programme, lead by HSC Team delivery partners SMWAS Ltd, have provided support to over 200 suppliers.
With the HPC workforce now numbering around 3000 the six local supplier consortia who secured over £435 million of contract value and managed by a core of 30 suppliers are all now fully engaged on site, creating 430 jobs. The first of the two HPC accommodation campuses is on track to accommodate workers in early Summer with HOST Somerset now mobilising to manage this and the Bridgwater Campus.
The Hinkley Supply Chain Team continues to grow the value of South West supplier content by offering a supplier matching service for EDF Energy and HPC contractors and by delivering tailored support and advice to suppliers through its Hinkley Supply Chain Programme. The activity is funded by EDF Energy and by the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership and West of England Combined Authority.
Chris Langdon
Hinkley Supply Chain Team Project Lead
Somerset Chamber of Commerce

HPC Site Update:  

Preparations for main construction continues apace on site at Hinkley Point C. With around 3000 workers on site the landscape of the site is rapidly changing.   All three office blocks have now been erected and the first one (East Office) was occupied in the autumn last year.   The second office to open shortly will be North Office followed by the West Office.   Each building provides welfare facilities to the workforce and contains large a 700 seat restaurants, lockers rooms and showers, etc. for over 2000 workers and office facilities for 800.
The construction of the on-site Campus is progressing well with all the accommodation units in place and being commissioned. The central amenity block is the key building in the programme. Once this is complete the campus will open and will be operated by the HOST consortia.
The work to construct the 760 metre long sea wall has continued despite the recent storms and progress is going well.   Over 38,000 m3 of concrete will be required to make the sea wall; to date over 5000 m3 of concrete has been cast. The rock armour delivered last year has successfully protected the work from the tides and storms.
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Looking forward in 2018: 
The project continues to develop and appoint its tier 1 contractors with many now in place and getting ready to work the project. If you thought 2017 was a busy year, 2018 will be even more so as many new tier 1 contractors start to develop their procurement programmes and seek to identify their tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers.   Although many are unlikely to be on site until 2019/2020 they are now focussed on getting their suppliers identified this year. This means that invitations to PQQ and expressions of interest will be hitting the industrial supply chain in the South West.
On the services side, the opening of the office facilities and the campus sites will require a significant increase in staffing for G4S (facilities management), HOST (campus operation) and Somerset Larder (catering Services) . These services need to be ready to cater for the next wave of construction workers with site numbers expecting to exceed 4000 before the end of the year.  
The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme: 
The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme delivers a supplier matching service for EDF Energy and HPC contractors and tailored support and advice to suppliers
The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme (HSCP) is delivered by a consortium led by SWMAS Ltd and supported by Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Business West. The HSCP provides a single point of entry to a wide and growing group of services aimed at helping local businesses to understand, prepare for and win business with HPC supply chains. The Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership and West of England Combined Authority have together funding to service this contract over a three-year period.
There are four components within the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme :
SME Business Support Service - supporting local SMEs to prepare for and win business relating to the HPC project and wider nuclear opportunities.

NSW Inward Investment Service - supporting foreign firms and those from outside the SW to locate and grow their operations in the area.
Somerset Energy Innovation Centre - 30,000 square feet of prime office, meeting and networking space located in Bridgwater.
Private Sector Support - the HSCT work with a wide and growing array of private sector services and providers and manage the interfaces with these to ensure a comprehensive, effective and easy to access service.

Please call the Hinkley Supply Chain Team on 01823 443425 or email on
Supplier Case Studies:     
"We work as a coherent, united organisation focused on collaboration"

Like many South West businesses, the owners of Cam Machine Components were excited at the prospect of winning work at Hinkley Point C as activity at the site increases.
However, that initial enthusiasm dissipated when they realised the full scale of the construction project, where many of the Tier 1 contractors are some of the world's largest, most successful multi-discipline construction and engineering firms.
Assuming they could not compete in an environment dominated by PLCs and multi-nationals, CMC founders Simon Farr and Gervase Winn put their aspirations of winning work at the site on the back burner...until a friendly word of encouragement changed everything.

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"The knowledge-gain from working at HPC has been priceless to our business"

For almost 80 years Bridgwater-based construction firm RK Bell has served public and private
sector clients throughout the South West, earning itself a reputation for providing excellent services which today include civil engineering, plant hire and surfacing work.
When Hinkley Point C (HPC) was first talked about RK Bell's management knew it presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the business, and not just in financial terms.
"We went to the very first meetings, eight or nine years ago," says Nick Bell, managing director of the business his grandfather started back in 1941. "We were appointed to the first steering groups set up to look at how local firms could benefit from the project, so we've been very involved right from the start."
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HSC Events News:   
Intro to HPC - January 18th (venue: The Canalside)

Primarily for SME businesses located within the Heart of the SW and West of England LEP areas this event was held for companies that have had a limited engagement with the Supply Chain Team to date.

More than 50 people from over 30 companies across the South West came to gain an understanding to supply chain opportunities at Hinkley Point C during the construction phase. The event which was delivered by EDF Energy and
Somerset Chamber of Commerce, as part of the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme and included: a site update, an understa nding of the timeline of the project, how to make the most of your portal registration and preparing yourself and/or your business for Hinkley.

Another, similar event is planned for April. If you are interested in attending please contact the office on 01823 443425 or email for more details.

Up-scaling Financially for HPC (venue: SEIC)
Representatives from 17 businesses on the supply chain portal attended the 6th workshop to be facilitated by the Professional Services Group (PSG) This interactive workshop enabled participants to reflect upon whether successfully engaging with HPC wo
uld bring an increase in value in their own business, as well as to consider what approaches and additional resources may be required to increase their chances of suc cess, whilst reducing the risk of failure?

The three delivering presenters, from three different companies within th e PSG, further pointed out that companies would need to address the themes of financial risk , bu siness planning and cash flow and financial planning for success prior to accessing work at HPC. Feedback from the event has been very positive and further workshops on this theme will be planned later on in the year. For more information on the companies within the PSG please visit their website.

NUVIA Package Briefing (venue: SEIC)

On 30th January 2018 the HPC Supply Chain Team hosted a customer briefing event at the Somerset EnergyInnovation Centre.  International nuclear engineering firm Nuvia outlined the details of their £20 million contract to design and build the nuclear sampling systems (NSS) for Hinkley Point C, and detailed the local supply opportunities this will provide.

This event was attended by a group of approximately 30 south west suppliers who have already engaged with the programme, and have been identified as having potential capabilities to meet Nuvia's requirements.  The event included a project update by Jamie Driver from EDF Energy and a Q&A session.  In addition to this, many delegates used the networking lunch to discuss their interest and specific capabilities with Nuvia. 
Hinkley Point Training Agency (HPTA) Update  
The HPTA is busy working with the Workforce Development team at HPC in anticipation of Employment & Skills Plans working their way through the system for February.  These plans will provide the HPTA with an idea of the job roles Tier 1 contractors and their supply chains will be on-boarding, the numbers anticipated and the timing of when they might be needed.  Although these plans will inevitably be adjusted to reflect project changes, it does mean that the HPTA will have more of an idea on how to support the contractors with their training requirements.
Looking forward, the HPTA are already discussing outline needs with the contractors who will be carrying out the Mechanical and Electrical work on HPC, even though they won't be on-site until around 2019/20.  Skills will include welding, which is a skill in short supply, and HPTA will be working with regional providers to be ready for this demand. Training expectations will not include those involved in welding at the heart of the Nuclear Island, as these individuals already the most highly skilled available and required to spend three years just practicing for the role.
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