Delivery Partners for the Hinkley Supply Chain Team
May 2020

As the current Coronavirus pandemic envelops each part of our daily life, it is some relief to hear that a considerable amount of businesses registered on the Hinkley Supply Chain Portal are still operational.
If you have had to make difficult decisions regarding the stability of your business, are looking for some advice, or you have any questions on the various Government announcements and help offered to businesses, the Somerset Chamber of Commerce has condensed the latest COVID-19 advice for businesses (including information about grants and support available) into a dedicated Coronavirus Business Hub .
There is also a series of downloadable business support documents and recordings of recently held webinars . These are all specific to the coronavirus crisis and designed to help your business and staff during these unprecedented times. All have been collated by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce with the help of specialist members and are free to view/download.
On site, the construction of Hinkley Point C has, of course, been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. EDF has made a series of changes to the working environment to ensure the safety of all staff employed on site. These include: reducing the number of workers on site by half to around 2,000, implementing and enforcing social distancing measures across the site, installing thermal imaging cameras to identify any personnel with a high temperature and by introducing 60 additional buses to the transport fleet. A full update on the ways that EDF is protecting the staff engaged on the HPC project and the community can be viewed here .
Finally, although the Hinkley Supply Chain Team is currently working remotely, the team has made progress in liaising with T1 contractors and continues to provide support to suppliers.
As we work on the information provided by contractors who we are engaging with, there are occasions where we need extra information from the businesses registered on the supply chain. This information will be gathered via email or a telephone call, so we urge people to take the time to update their portal registration and ensure that their contact details are up-to-date. To do this, please visit and log into your registration using the log-in details sent to you on initial sign-up. If you don’t have these details to hand please visit our forgotten log-in page or contact the team by emailing for assistance.
Finally, if you would like any tips on improving your Hinkley Supply Chain registration please contact either Alan Windsor (07525 809274 / or Natalie Beacham (07519 116916 / for guidance.
From all at the Hinkley Supply Chain Team we hope you are you and your staff are keeping well.

Best Wishes.
Alan Windsor, Hinkley Supply Chain Information Manager,
Natalie Beacham, Hinkley Supply Chain Business Advisor,
Somerset Chamber of Commerce
Project News
The safety of workers and the community is the first priority at Hinkley Point C and a wide range of measures have already been put in place to protect workers and prevent the spread of infection. The project is viewed by the Government as a critical national infrastructure and hence has been encouraged to continue to operate where and when it is safe to do so. 
Steps taken on site have been in-line with the Government COVID-19 guidelines and include:

  • Reducing the site workforce and closing all the offices in Cannington, Bristol and Aztec West. Currently over 2,500 project members are working remotely from home trying to ensure the impact of COVID-19 is minimised and mitigated.

  • Reducing the work on site to the most critical areas. This has resulted in a reduction in the on-site workforce from 4,800 to around 2,000 which allows effective social distancing to take place.

  • Thermal imaging cameras have been installed to monitor all staff arriving at the park and rides in order to detect any elevated temperatures which might show symptoms of COVID-19

  • The bus fleet has been increased considerable and the capacity of each bus reduced to 30% in order to maintain social distancing. In addition, the buses now only travel from the park and rides and the Sedgemoor Campus and do not stop at any public bus stops. Drivers are also being protected through the installation of new protective screens and entry and exit protocols.

  • Other social distancing measures have been introduced across the site and several facilities closed.
One of the key work areas on site is the Unit 1 water intake, where the first tunnel boring machine (Mary) has started to drive out under the Bristol Channel to a final distance of 3.6km.Work also continues on concrete base for the second reactor with the aim to achieve J0 (the completion of the foundations) this summer.
At Avonmouth, work also continues on the construction of the tunnel heads and production of tunnel segments.    

Supplier Case Studies
"Digital solutions to support the HPC project

Welders, concrete dispatchers and crane operators are just some of the skilled workers you would expect to find at Hinkley Point C but away from the nuclear island and tunnel boring machines, there are scores of people working in offices and on computers who need skills of a very different kind.

This is where Newport-based company W2 Global Data comes in. The company is an approved EDF supplier and offers a raft of screening tools and services to help organisations achieve regulatory compliance, prevent fraud and a wide range of other professional services.

Kevin Fox, Product Manager at W2 Global Data, said: “W2 is a leading provider of real-time digital solutions for global regulatory compliance. We aggregate data and ancillary services from a wide spectrum of domestic and international suppliers. This means that our customers can easily access a myriad of data sources and service providers including, but not limited to, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) and adverse media content, document verification services, eKYC (Know Your Customer) providers, corporate business reports and enhanced investigative services. All through an intuitive, single point of access.”

To read more click here .
Hints and tips from the Hinkley Supply Chain Team
While the events and workshop schedule has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Hinkley Supply Chain Team has compiled a video tutorial to help both existing and would-be HPC suppliers.

The tutorial is full of hints and tips for companies who may already be working on the project and need to update their portal registration, or for those who are new to HPC and registering for the first time.

The video tutorial is available on the Hinkley Supply Chain website and can be viewed here: .
Specialist group offers COVID-19 support
The Hinkley Professional Services Group (PSG), is a specialist group of legal, financial and management professionals dedicated to advising businesses trying to win work at Hinkley Point C (HPC).

Here Graham Potts, Chairman of the group, responds to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and outlines the support available to supply chain companies through the PSG: 

Pause for thought
If information overload was something we talked about before COVID-19, it seems now an even bigger issue as we find our way through the pandemic. News and social media offers wall-to-wall coverage of the crisis, while our inboxes are filled with ‘updates’ from the many tech firms and advisers we deal with.
While our primary focus has to be to help save lives, business owners are understandably extremely mindful of their responsibilities to their own employees and families.

Talk directly to our members
That’s why members of the  Hinkley Professional Services Group  are offering business owners in the South West the opportunity to talk directly with them during this critical time. For many of us our initial focus will be crisis management.
However, in time we will each be considering how businesses will re-emerge and the potential for strategic change as a direct result of the pandemic experience.

Somerset Chamber hub
The Somerset Chamber of Commerce  COVID-19 business support hub  brings together details of the advice and support available to businesses in the region. More than that, you can join their Chief Executive every Wednesday morning at 10am for an update and conversation about the pandemic response.

Speak to your advisers
It makes sense to make your first port of call your existing adviser team: your lawyer, accountant, contracts consultant, bank. However, our members are on hand if you would benefit from a different viewpoint or require some practical support.

A personal thought
However you decide to proceed, here’s a personal plea from me. Please don’t rush to make big business decisions without talking them through. Your adviser team will be expecting to hear from you, and will be happy to support you in any way they can. So draw on their expertise and, in all the chaos, they may be able to share solutions and provide insights which you hadn’t thought of.

Graham Potts
Chairman of the Hinkley Professional Services Group
Calling South West businesses who have won Hinkley Point C contracts
Has your company won an HPC contract and would you like to tell us your good news?

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