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Why Edge-To-Edge Longarming Is Less Expensive
Edge-to-edge quilting is a basic in the customer-oriented quilting industry. It can be an automated design, one that is done from a pantograph, or totally free-motion. The characteristic is that it is the same, repeatable design from one edge to the opposite edge. It is easy on the quilter, the customer, and the pocketbook.

It is easy on the quilter because it takes less planning, which is time. It is also faster because there are fewer decisions, observations, and artistic choices that need to be made while quilting - all the decisions are made in advance. Also included in their decision is that their guidelines for quilt submission have been followed [ours can be found in our on-line Longarming Services Brochure].

It is easy on the customer because there are fewer decisions to be made. Everything boils down to two basic questions: the theme of the design, and the color of the thread.

It is easier on the pocketbook because the quilter can concurrently do more activities that benefit their business and therefore charge less. If a highly customized job is being done, the quilter's entire focus must be placed on the custom quilt and thus the cost is higher.

Looking at it simplistically, the charge that is incurred must: recuperate the investment in the equipment, the longarmer's time, and overhead [electricity, gas, rent, insurance...].

We have developed a formula based on square inches of quilt top. Some base their charges on square feet. And, some base it on time, alone, since that is what is being sold: longarmer hours and equipment hours.

It is basically that simple!

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