SBBW Series Sponsored by HipQuake

Successful Black Women

Karima & LuuLuu
Join HipQuake in an 8 week series designed to enhance the quality of your life. Keep up with the SBBW Calendar:
Week 1: September 24th
Week 2: October 1st
Week 3: October 8th
Week 4: October 15th
Week 5: October 29th
Week 6: November 5th
Week 7: November 12th
Week 8: November 19th
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*We are taking a break October 22nd to participate in HipQuake's pre-holiday Hafla.

In life just like business you must be able to adapt & change quickly. Nothing is promised & you must be prepared to meet life's challenges.
  • Are you prepared?
  • Do you understand the Return on Investment (ROI)regarding all aspects of your life?
  • Is your personal balance sheet even or is it negative?
  • Are you managing every aspect of your life to increase your income statement?
  • Think of the elements in your life, what would you consider to be assets and which would be considered liabilities?
If you are unable to answer any of these questions then be our guest at our first Successful Black Business Woman series.

LuuLuu & Karima
SBBW Series
8 weeks to objectively view the various aspects of your life.

Every new year many of us make resolutions in the hopes of changing our path. So often these resolutions don't materialize as a result of poor planning, weakened will power, lack of support, or a number of other things.
HipQuake has designed an 8 week series to help you objectively look at your life. For 8 weeks you will analyze your life through the lens of a common business activity.
Each week we will tempt you with delicious meals prepared by HipQuake and take you through interactive exercises that will put you one step closer to writing the business plan for your life. At the conclusion of this series, you will have a solid road map to help guide you on your way as well as being part of a local community of successful black business women.
We are looking forward to joining our energies with the combined force of other strong women as we help each other to be a true SBBW. We can't wait to create our own collage as we celebrate ourselves, the potential unity of the group, glory in the strength of the individual, and embrace the reality of our individual futures crafted by our own efforts and the blessing of the Almighty.
The cost of the full series is $50 and available discounts are listed below. Please include the appropriate code when registering for the event.
Event Info
7049 S. Dante
Chicago, Illinois 60619
September 24 - November 19th, 2010
SBBW Weekly Agenda
strong proud woman
Week 1:
Personal Business Plan Overview
Week 2:
Defineing Your Business Entity
Week 3:
Defining Your Mission Statement & Create Your Vision Board
Week 4:
Evaluating The Quality of Your Product/Service
Week 5:
Marketing & Branding Your Product/Service
Week 6:
Creating Your Financial Plan
Week 7:
Writing Your Executive Summary
Week 8:
Presenting Your Business Plan
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10 to 20%
Event Costs:
  • $50 Code 001 - no discounts for non-members and those that register after September 23rd
  • $40 Code 01A - 20% discount for LGS & Fitness Passport Members in good standing.
  • $45 Code 01B - 10% discount for valid Fitness Card members and those that register before September 16th
  • $7.50 Code N/ @ door or via PayPal. This option should only be used for those committed to attending the full series but allows you to pay per session to help you manage your budget
Orientation Date September 15th @ Starbucks 7101 S Stony Island Ave
Orientation Date September 22nd @ Panera Bread 2314 W 95th St
Series Begin Date September 24th @ location TB released shortly
Payment Options.....Payments may be made via:
  • Cash @ the door or given to Karima or LuuLuu before classes
  • Register online SBBW Registration
Registration Information:
  • Must register by September 24th
  • Any inquiries or concerns must be sent to or call Karima @ 708.374.8345
  • A minimum of 8 students must register to ensure the event.
  • Once paid, no refunds will be given.
  • Series ranges from September 24 - November 19th.
  • There will be no session on October 22nd due to HipQuake's Hafla (pre-Holiday party).
  • Cost will cover refreshments and administrative cost.