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Pinnacle Prevention is hiring for 2 open positions
Our team is growing! We are now seeking applications for:

  1. Grocery Specialist for Double Up Food Bucks AZ
  2. Operations Support Specialist
New Network: Unite Us Arizona
Pinnacle Prevention is excited to announce that we have joined the Unite Arizona Network. As a network partner, our goal is to provide a better experience for folks contacting us about our client-facing programs: Double Up Food Bucks, the Farmers Market Nutrition Program, or Pots to Love.

We hope this partnership and use of the platform streamlines our internal administrative processes for handling inquiries. But Unite Us is more than just a tool to improve our client interactions -- it’s a coordinated care network of which Pinnacle Prevention is now a part.
We are deeply aware that food insecurity is not a stand-alone issue. The other reason we are enthusiastic to join this network is to be able to easily and directly refer individuals to organizations that offer services outside our own scope of work. As everyone who has worked in social services knows, it can be overwhelming for individuals trying to navigate the web of programs, resources, and benefits that exist out there. This platform has a sophisticated referral system that makes sure no one is left without a response, or left to navigate the system on their own.
Unite Us is free (and always will be!) for community-based organizations to join and use. Visit Unite AZ, contact Julie Garcia julie.garcia@uniteus.com, or attend an upcoming information session for more information.
Cochise County Partners Distribute Fresh Produce to Local Seniors

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program teamed up with the Benson Food Pantry, the Tombstone Food Bank, and local farmers from Southwinds Farm and the Sulphur Springs Valley Produce Cooperative to bring fresh, Cochise county-grown produce to seniors in the CSFP program.

As the fiscal year started to wind down in September, we realized there were unspent funds for Senior FMNP. The last thing we want to do is leave funds on the table when they could be lifting up local agriculture and benefiting our older adult population. Fortunately, the flexibility of the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program allows us to bulk purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from Arizona farmers, and then coordinate the produce going directly to low-income seniors.

The project in Cochise County would not have been possible without members of the local village in Southern Arizona who stepped up to make it happen. We are so grateful to farmers Joe Marlow (Southwinds Farm) and Aaron Cardona (Sulfur Springs Co-op) who have chosen to sell us produce out of their abundance this fall. Community advocates, Sepp Sprietsma from the U of A Cooperative Extension and Jason Zibart of the Benson Hospital system, served in vital roles by volunteering their time and recruiting others to pack and sort the produce. We are also so very thankful for Najayyah Manyhorses from the Benson Food Pantry and Kal Mannis of the Tombstone Food Bank, who are managing the final distribution directly into the seniors’ hands. 🥰

Thanks to this partnership, all 150+ seniors who participate in the Senior Food Box Program in Tombstone and Benson are getting $50 worth of fresh produce this fall! The seniors received their first mixed produce bag in mid-October to complement their monthly commodities box and will receive their second in mid-November. Some of the fresh products in the produce bags included tomatoes, squash, onions, carrots, and beets.

This is such a beautiful opportunity to serve seniors, and we are committed to continuing this partnership to make a lasting impact on Cochise County growers as well as the local elder population.
Updates on the Federal Infrastructure Package

All eyes are on Congress as the roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill (The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) goes to a final vote in the House. Senate members voted in favor of the package 69-30 in August, paving the way for investment in not only the nation’s roads and bridges but also public transit, passenger rail, electric vehicle infrastructure, walking and bicycling facilities, safe and resilient water systems, updated power grids, broadband internet access, and environmental remediation efforts. Over 2 million new jobs annually are also expected to come out of the package. The scramble to get the votes will come hours before critical federal surface transportation programs expire and amid ongoing negotiations surrounding the larger, $3.5 trillion social infrastructure reconciliation package. More info can be found here.

October is National Pedestrian Safety Month

October is National Pedestrian Safety Month! We are all pedestrians, and all pedestrians have the right to arrive at their destinations safely. At Pinnacle, we believe we can Prevent pedestrian injuries and fatalities through safer roads, slower speeds, and more attentive drivers. #PedestrianSafety #PinnaclePrevents #DoYourPart


Last Day to Use Coupons -
November 15, 2021

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Arizona Food Action Plan
Arizona’s first statewide food action plan for 2022-2024 will be shared soon. Visit AZFSN.org to stay up to date.
Native Talk Arizona
July 6: Kenneth Steel, Samantha Zah, and Rafael Tapia
Aug. 24: Cherilyn Yazzie of Coffee Pot Farms
Sept 14: Liv Brashears sharing about AZFMNP
Attention farmers markets, producers, distributors, and processors! The Pandemic Response and Safety (PRS) Grant Program provides grants to respond to coronavirus, including for measures to protect workers against COVID-19. The application is now streamlined and low barrier.
Arizona Recreation, Trails, & Historic
Preservation Funding Opportunities
State Parks Heritage Fund

At the end of the 2021 Arizona State Legislative session, funding was officially restored to the State Parks Heritage Fund after 11 years without funding since the great recession. The one-time funding came in the form of $5 million from the state general fund and $5 million of federal relief dollars.

The State Parks Heritage Fund provides grant opportunities for non-motorized trails, outdoor environmental education, local, regional, and state parks, and historic preservation. Applicants can include non-profits, cities, towns, counties, tribal governments, state, federal agencies, and entities that have formed appropriate cooperative agreements.

The Fund is officially open and accepting applications on a rolling basis! More details can be found here: https://www.azstateparks.com/grants/
Questions about either grant opportunity? Contact: kennethsteel@pinnacleprevention.org

Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Grant and United
Food Bank RISE Grant
To be considered eligible, applicants must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing hunger-relief services and have an existing partnership with Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, United Food Bank, or Yuma Community Food Bank. 
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