May 2019

Betsy and Tom had been advocating for their daughter, Sarah, since she began middle school. Although she is very bright, she developed problems with turning in assignments and began failing her classes. She then refused to attend school. Her parents emailed teachers almost every day. While teachers expressed concern, no one referred her for special education services. 

By the end of ninth grade, she had missed almost the entire year and received "incompletes" in every class. Betsy and Tom worked with countless therapists and doctors but no one could help with the school issues.  Finally, the parents sought the help of a special education attorney. Within six months, the attorney assisted in classifying Sarah for special education services and locating an appropriate placement that the District agreed to partially fund. Today, Sarah is succeeding and attending school regularly in a new placement.

Most parents do not expect to have to retain a law firm to address problems with their children's education. Yet an experienced special education attorney can help parents navigate the complex bureaucracy of public school districts and the network of private providers. More importantly, a good attorney can make a significant difference in your child's well-being and education.

Why does our firm support  NAMI ? Why is the work so important?   NAMI creates a network and community of support where there often is none and aligns with our firm's mission of helping the vulnerable and those with disabilities. Mental health conditions can be disabling and depression is the leading cause of disability world-wide. 
We help individuals and their families navigate the complex legal system and ensure that public institutions meet their legal obligations under federal law. Even trained professionals often do not understand the affirmative obligations to comply with the IDEA in public schools or to comply with Section 504 or the ADA in institutions receiving federal funding or providing public accommodations. 
Finding the right services, support and accommodations takes time and work. Representing the isolated and disenfranchised and advocating for legal rights for those stigmatized and misunderstood represents a public justice issue.

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