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In this Week's Edition: Hamilton's Labour Force Information November 2022, WPH Wants To Feature Your Local Business, Free Giveaway for Employers, Who's Hiring In Hamilton, Happening in the Community: (ABEA: Better Jobs Ontario, YWCA: New Mothers Support Services, YMCA: Youth Transitions Program, Today's Family: EarlyON Outdoors, ACCA Hamilton: Black Mentors Needed, Goodwill: January Workshop Calendar, Happy Holidays from WPH, and News: "Courses for career professionals in winter 2023" and "10 notable career development reports from 2022"

Labour Force November 2022

Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for November 2022

WPH Wants To Feature Your Local Business!

If you would like your Local Hamilton business to be featured on our new & improved "Workforce Wednesday" segment...

Please send a photo & description to:


*Please include any additional information about hiring, job openings, hours, or any extra information related to your Hamilton business!

Free Giveaway for Employers!

Do you have skill gaps and retention issues in your company?

ABEA is the adult learning network in Hamilton. We work closely with adult upgrading and training programs across the city.

A successful employee is more likely to stay on the job and reduce your employee turn over. But sometimes skills gaps in communication, math or digital technology get in the way.

Through an organizational needs assessment we can create a customized training plan to increase your employees' skills now and for the future.

Connect with ABEA today!  director@abea.on.ca  905-527-2222 x 1

Who's Hiring In Hamilton?

View WPH Job Board to explore more!

The City of Hamilton is currently seeking a Plans Examiner.

Click here to apply!

YMCA HBB is currently seeking an Employment Coach

Click here to apply!

Worksite Safety is currently seeking a Front End Developer

Click here to apply!

Happening In The Community!

ABEA: Better Jobs Ontario

We'll work with you to 

  • find training programs you're interested in 
  • explore the skills you'll need for the training 
  • develop a plan
  • connect with an Employment Service to support you with your application 

Connect with us today!  www.abea.on.ca  pathways@abea.on.ca  

YWCA: New Mothers Support Services

Are you a newcomer new mother? Our New Mothers’ Support Services serve to connect newcomer mothers to local

services and resources, provide meaningful networking opportunities, and support you in your post-partum journey.

Ready to Join? For questions or for more information, please contact Desiree Lethbridge at Dlethbridge@ywcahamilton.org

YMCA: Youth Transitions Program

Join us for the Winter Break workshops! Improve your communication skills, mental health, social relationships, and employment readiness with the YMCA Youth Transitions Program’s life skill workshops.

Workshops will be held on Tue, Jan 3 (2:30 – 4pm) at Terryberry Library and on Wed, Jan 4; Thu, Jan 5; Fri, Jan 6 (2:30 – 4 pm) at Turner Park Library.

Drop-in participants are welcomed. No pre-registration required. For more information, email YouthTransitionsProgram@ymcahbb.ca.

Today's Family: EarlyON Outdoors

Launching on January 9 ❄️

Today's Family's Ancaster EarlyON is heading outdoors! 🌻❄️🍃

Join us at the new Fieldcote Outdoor EarlyON to play throughout the seasons.

When children play outside, they develop the confidence, physical literacy, and resilience needed to thrive with the natural world.

Drop by to play and learn more about the opportunities of our outdoor programs.

ACCA Hamilton: Black Mentors Needed

Calling all responsible black adults! We are relaunching the “We Rise” Black Youth Mentorship program and need YOUR help!!

In this program, we will be connecting youth ages 12-16 in the Hamilton area with an adult mentor who has a similar background and interests with the goal of helping youth build self-esteem, develop new skills and start planning for their future.

We hope to facilitate an ongoing positive relationship between mentors and mentees and to provide children with positive role models in their community!

Please reach out to Tamera via tamera@accahamilton.com for more information or to apply to become a volunteer mentor please use the online web address below or come by the office for a volunteer form! We look forward to hearing from you!


Goodwill: January Workshop Calendar

(Click image to view document)

Happy Holidays from WPH!

Dear Friends of Workforce Planning Hamilton,

On behalf of our Executive Director: Khadija Hamidu,

We would like to wish everyone in the Hamilton community & beyond, a fantastic holiday season and a wonderful new year!

From all of us at WPH,

Khadija, Amy, Michelle, and Travis


Courses for career professionals in winter 2023

Step into the new year with new skills or brush up on the knowledge you already have. Here are some courses on offer for winter 2023.

Career Professionals of Canada

CPC is offering the following courses this winter:

Ethics and Theories for Individuals (BCCDA)

BCCDA Ethics and Theories courses will provide you with essential foundations needed by career development practitioners working in a wide range of contexts. Review and learn to apply traditional, contemporary and emerging career development theories. The courses are offered multiple days in March.

Read more here!

10 notable career development reports from 2022

Canada faces record retirements from an aging labour force (Statistics Canada)

The working-age population, persons aged 15 to 64 who produce the bulk of goods and services in the Canadian economy, has reached a turning point, this report finds. Never before has the number of people nearing retirement been so high. More than one in five (21.8%) persons of working age are aged 55 to 64.

Career Development in the Canadian Workplace: National Business Survey (CERIC)

This survey reveals keen insights into Canadian organizations’ current views on skills and talent gaps in the labour market; hiring underrepresented groups as part of equity, diversity and inclusion strategies; the importance of investing in career development; and how employers perceive the services of career development professionals.

Career Guidance for Adults in Canada (OECD)

New survey data show that Canada performs well in an OECD comparison with respect to the quality of career guidance, but there is room to strengthen the provision and accessibility of services.

Challenges and Opportunities in Canada’s LMI Landscape (LMIC)

This report identifies eight challenges relating to LMI in Canada, including a lack of local and granular LMI data; the lack of a commonly agreed methodology for projecting future skills; and the fact that LMI data is often inaccessible, unreliable or not relevant to stakeholder needs.

Read more here!

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