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August 2017
Volume 8, Issue #8 
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8 Weeks to Greatness Preview!
Look for the actual reveal in 435 magazine January 2018! Results will be posted on the blog 

Christina's Corner
Back To School!

This is such a fun time of year! Everyone has schedules and bed times. Why isn't it like this in summer? 

What we do now with our time and habits will show over the holidays. Set your standard high, control what you can and reflect back on how far you have come. 

As the owner of His & Her Fitness for officially 12 years this August I look back in August on all the goals accomplished...and see where we can rock more in the future! 3 years ago had some major company changes which if I did not pray every day there is no way H&H would be where it is again. 

We have the goal by 2019 of having 4 trainers every hour training (whether in home, FaceTime, or in the studio). 4 of us working for your time that works best for you. Also really dialing in on seeing the progress with strength...how we do this at H&H Fitness was just added to the patent certification which includes a workout day one and then the progressions charted.  Measurements don't lie so taking 6 week pictures and reviewing charted body fat, inches and goals is key. We also monitor your creative cardio heart rate recovery on your polar FT to see if you have gone from beginner to moderate and track, most importantly, how you feel. 

Reminder to let us know if you want to join a creative cardio class or check out our YouTube


BACK TO SCHOOL for your homework: 
Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
Creative Cardio Library




Christina's Kitchen
Back to School!

1) Cucumber delight
4 slices of cucumber, lay tsp of avacado on, pour tsp balsalmic vinegar on avacado, 1/2 slice of turkey on each

2) Blueberry pop
3 boiled egg whites, stuff with blueberries and 1 almond

3) Nachos the fitness way
10 rice cakes chips on small plate, spread feta cheese 2 tblsp over top, microwave 15 seconds, serve with salsa

4) Wraps
2 slices of turkey, spread 1 tsp guacamole, 2 slices of red pepper, wrap and serve

For more H&H recipes, check the website at  hisandherfitness.net
Amazing charity if you know someone receiving verbal or physical abuse this is the place to go! Was an honor to be there with my good friend Jennifer and many local celebrities.

Save the Date
October 7 - NPC California Jon Lindsay Show. Support your trainers at this event by visiting  HERE

October 14 - Fluff Your Pup benefiting Wayside Waifs. Fun time for the whole family, for details click HERE

October 28 - Firsthand Foundation Masquerade Ball, for information click  HERE

November 25 - H&H Holiday party. Silent auction will be held, benefits Caring for Kids.
Creative Cardio Class Schedule
Just a reminder that we are now offering regular creative cardio classes throughout the week. Classes are $15 and 30 minutes and a great way to torch some fat with friends! The current schedule is:

Mondays 6am
Tuesdays 10am
Thursdays 11am
Saturdays 8am and 9am
Team Member of the Month
Emily Merchant

I'm honored to be selected as Team Member of the Month. I've only been with H&H for a short time, but it has been such a great time and experience. 

This month I got to experience my first, of many to come, 8 Weeks to Greatness sessions. So many awesome individuals taking their health and well being into their own hands and inspiring others in the process. H&H is truly unique in the way that clients are not pushed, but given the tools to create the drive to reach goals they previously only dreamed about. 

I'm so grateful to be here at H&H and to be working with such a caring and dedicated staff, as well as clients who are truly amazing and have made me feel so at home! 
Client of the Month
Pahul and Nav Warya

I was so honored when Christina told me that my mom, my sister and I all were selected as Clients of the Month! It has truly been an amazing but difficult journey ever since we joined His & Her Fitness. Throughout this process, we have gained so much information about how to have a healthy lifestyle which we have learned to incorporate in our daily lives. As a young teenager, I ate junk food that was easily accessible to me in places like the school cafeteria or just unhealthy foods from fast food restaurants. However, with the extra knowledge of the harm these foods can cause, I take my own healthy lunch to school every day and as a family, we have significantly decreased the amount of times we eat from outside. We have started trying out new healthy recipes from the H&H website along with eating Terrilyn's delicious blueberry muffins and protein balls. In addition to healthier eating, we also try and find new and unique ways of getting more cardio like going biking as a family or going to the track to get some extra cardio!

This summer, my sister was home from college and joined my mom and I at the gym. By doing this, we motivated each other to work harder and even at home, we made sure to check on each other with the healthy eating. Along with motivating each other to eat healthier, we have been able to encourage other friends and family members that have noticed the results we have been getting to become healthier.

Not only this, but the amazing staff at H&H has taught us to persevere. We are always motivated by the staff to push ourselves and that has led us to achieve many goals and be able to do rigorous workouts. Therefore, we are very thankful to all the great trainers at H&H that have motivated us and contributed greatly in changing our lifestyle to a fit and healthy lifestyle!
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