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December 2017
Volume 8, Issue #12
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H&H Client Recognitions
Party Fun!
Christina's Corner
Creative Cardio
Christina's Kitchen
8 Weeks to Greatness
Cancellation Policy
Blood Pressure Update
Team Member of the Month
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H&H Team Recognitions
Trainer of the Year
Terrilyn-Team Member of the Year


H&H Client Recognitions
Elinor-Client of the Year

Tyler-Motivational Client of the Year

Mary Jo-MVP

More Fun at the Party!



To see all the pictures from the party click HERE
Christina's Corner

It takes nothing to say I can start tomorrow. Truth is tomorrow never comes. I have been blessed with always having the drive to have healthy habits, the best part about our job at H&H is that we are teaching those efficient habits to you. Many of you notice your friends and family start doing the same things you do, have you ever wondered why? The reason is we all want to be healthy and happy...but it does take a leader to start the habits. Who around you holds you back from making that tomorrow today? The only person is you. Start now before the new year setting those healthy goals. We are here for those just starting or have been training for 12 years. Just know all it takes is a SMART goal and before you know it you have formed a habit! The average person gains 15-20 pounds over the holiday season...at H&H we love being losers or maintaining!  
Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
Creative Cardio Library




Christina's Kitchen
Spicy Lasagna

Barilla lasagna noodles, cook as suggested on box.
Ground turkey burger, cook as suggested. Add taco seasoning.
One carton of ricotta cheese.
Classic basil and tomato sauce.

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Take baking glass pan, spray with Pam. Place noodles on bottom, one layer. Spread ricotta cheese over the noodle layer lightly. Add light layer of sauce. Add light layer of meat. Repeat and place noodles on top. Cook in oven 20 minutes and serve or have prepped for week.


For more H&H recipes, check the website at  hisandherfitness.net
8 Weeks to Greatness Results!

Watch for the big reveal in 435 magazine!!

Ashley M
School Teacher
2 kids
Age 40 
Runner never dabbled in lifting because she felt she didn't know how
Fat lost 30 lbs
Inches lost 24
Scale lost 17 lbs

Emilie H
Works full time
2 kids
Age 40 
Fat lost 27.9 lbs
Inches lost 26
Scale lost 24 lbs
New goal: Joining the H&H Fitness personal training team. Working on national certification and H&H Fitness level one personal trainer

Ashley W
Business owner, bakes cakes
2 kids
Age 41
Fat lost 36 lbs
Inches lost 12
Scale lost 13 lbs

Marie W
3 daughters
Age 53
Fat lost 45.9 lbs
Inches lost 22
Scale lost 20 lbs   
Cancellation Policy
In light of the new year, His & Her Fitness would like to remind everyone of our cancellation policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel a session. Anything less than 24 hours will be charged as a session. This is due to trainers' busy schedules and to aid in meeting every client's scheduling needs. 

Just like the trainer's time, we know your time is valued as well. If a trainer cancels with less than 24 hours notice and does not have your original appointment time set with another trainer, you will not be charged for the session. If you have any issues with scheduling, please call or text the manager, Emily Merchant, at 816-878-2861 and Christina Larson at 913-206-7645. 
Blood Pressure Update
Heart experts released new guidelines for blood pressure in November and that means millions more Americans will now be diagnosed with high blood pressure. To read more click HERE
Team Member of the Month
Adrian Iliescu

Hello all! 

Once again it is such an honor to be Team Member of the Month! To be named this with all the great work of the others is mind-blowing.

"Winter is coming!" What does that mean? Well along with the cold that is ensuing it also means early darkness. With this darkness it is dark when you leave in the morning and when you get home. Bummer right? I say no, only if you let it. It's all about what happens in between the ears. 

You've heard each one of us say it. Weights. Cardio. Nutrition. Why do we say it every time you're in H&H? It's because they are the keys to victory. Victory in your goals. Yes, everyone has different ones but they're all pushed on you because we (as a team) want you to be healthy and THRIVE in your day-to-day life. Control what you can control which in the realm of health/fitness is weights, cardio and nutrition. Thank you all!
Client of the Month
Kevin and Elizabeth Lammers

We were deeply honored when Christina told us that we'd been selected as Clients of the Month! Beth started her journey with His & Her Fitness first in January 2017 after reaching a point where she felt fitness and an overall sense of well-being were out of her reach. After meeting with Christina she was put at ease and felt inspired to work. With Christina's guidance, Beth learned to embrace a healthy food plan and now truly understands that fitness is made in the kitchen! That coupled with the excellent training she received from Terrilyn, Adrian and Rob three times a week she began to see the scale move downward for the first time in years. Even more important was that she began to feel stronger and more self-confident. The trainers continued to push Beth beyond her comfort zone ensuring that progress continued. One of the key things that helped Beth was the ability to reach out to Christina or Terrilyn at any time for nutrition advice as she worked to unlearn bad habits from too many years of different diet plans.

Kevin's journey has been very different. While he's always been slim and though he'd run and do some casual weight lifting, he was looking to step up to fine-tune his physique and further improve his overall fitness. Having watched Beth's progress, he was intrigued and started working with the His & Her Fitness staff in early May 2017. Within a few short months, with the help of the H&H staff, he's cut his body fat in half, moved from casual weight lifting to a more rigorous and disciplined approach, and relishes his gym time. 

Today, wellness is an integral part of our lives. Together we support each other in our healthy living goals, each cheering for the other's successes. His & Her Fitness has provided us with the guidance, support, encouragement and structure necessary to achieve these goals. 

Our continued thanks to Christina and the His & Her Fitness staff for all they do!
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