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February 2018
Volume 9, Issue #2
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LOVE month at H&H!
Fun at H&H
Christina's Corner

If you are thinking about Summer already and planning to make it the best ever...you are on track! What you do now shows in Summer! When Summer hits it can be so busy if we have not adapted healthy habits it becomes harder to integrate them. Those habits you develop are not easy but when you are there you are like many original clients of H&H...working out, eating right and cardio becomes like brushing your teeth. 

I've been a personal trainer for 16 years this Summer and 4 years as a physical therapist before that, it has been an honor to be able to ride the wave of fitness. I look back and see many of the things we were doing right and remember seeing clients at their lowest point of muscle atrophy. I remember people who were so sad they got there because many just did not live a healthy lifestyle. Taking the knowledge from that and studying to be a personal trainer made it rewarding to change people's lives. 

I feel so blessed to see my teens that started years ago still living a proactive lifestyle. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where do you see yourself tomorrow? If you are reading this you are either a client or a past client...and I would personally like to thank you for understanding how important it is to take care of your health like we brush our teeth! Make it a norm!

It's February love month...think of 4 people you would like to share your hour with or have them come in another time, it's FREE for them! Share heart health and your proactive lifestyle! #lovemonth

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
Creative Cardio Library




Christina's Kitchen
Fish tacos with jalapeno lime creme

2 filets of orange roughy
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
2 tsp of cilantro chopped
1 ramon tomato chopped
1/4 cup spinach chopped
1 lime squeezed
2 tsp jalapeno renfro in a can
Feta cheese if you like
Whole wheat tortillas

Bake orange roughy season with blacken fish seasoning in oven as suggested

With magic bullet
Lime juice

Place tortilla down
4 oz fish
Little spinach 
Dressing on top 

Enjoy !

For more H&H recipes, check the website at  hisandherfitness.net
Creative Cardio Fun!
Well if you wanted to be a kid again we will have a DJ and themed cardio!

We doubled every creative cardio class this January! So fun to see Terrilyn keep this going and our newest member of the personal training team Emilie Haynes inspire 7 of her closest friends to make it in!

As owner of His & Her Fitness I have always worked with trainers that walked in, did a great job and walked out...but this group of trainers works so hard together to have solutions for clients and make an amazing atmosphere for people to smile, workout and have fun with the healthy lifestyle journey! It's not just a moment, it's how we live...proactive! 

Current Creative Cardio Times:
Mondays: 6am
Tuesdays: 9:30am
Thursdays: 9am
Saturdays: 8am and 9am
Building Better Moms Series
I rocked a 3 month series with over 250 Moms at church for Building Better Moms! I walked in and the first few minutes heads were down and the body language was filled with uncertainty. About 10-15 minutes in it was so fun and the Moms were engaged and took home some creative cardio ideas. I just want to get the word out for people to do what's best for them to enjoy being healthy. My style is a boutique so no one person is having the same workout, meal plan or cardio. It's a blessing to connect in the community and an honor to hear people doing well from the knowledge retained!

It's funny to have a raspy voice people made fun of. So I thought I should do public speaking and get better. First speaking engagement included over 2,500 people in St. Louis and never looked back! My goal is for all people to see their weakness as strength! Something you can talk about and makes you HUMAN!
Save the Date
February is LOVE month so bring that loved one in and they are FREE with you! Every time you train bring another person in! Can be your significant other, a child you want to inspire, a friend or coworker! You will not do the same workout as each is tailored to the individual. Give the gift of health for FREE! Must be a current client of H&H.

May 1 - #8weeks_to_greatness applications go out! Who will be chosen for a transformation this year?!?

October 20 - Fluff your PUP!

November 24 - H&H Christmas party! Come and go as you please, no spandex allowed!
Client of the Month
Amy and Dave

We are happy to be selected as the Clients of the Month for His & Her Fitness. We are relatively new to the program, but already have become "true believers". While we have always been active throughout our 37 years together, we felt it was time to try something new. We walked into the studio and met with Christina. She was extremely welcoming and friendly and seemed to immediately understand what we were looking to accomplish.

In our retirement, we have taken to active traveling, which usually means a lot of hiking. We want to stay active as long as possible. While we have run through the years, it has led to some flexibility issues. With His & Her Fitness, we are adding proper strength training and balance work to our routine. We train twice a week, one day a week with Christina and one day a week with Terrilyn (we have also worked with Adrian and Rob on occasion). Everyone is very professional and we always leave feeling like we had a good workout. Also, while we don't look forward to the weekly weigh in and measurements, it definitely adds a new level of accountability--which in the long run is a good thing. We do some type of cardio at least 4 times as week and we love the H & H creative cardio as a new option.

We are happy to have found His & Her Fitness and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new workout routine that will work. 
Team Member of the Month
Erma Jones

Being chosen as Team Member of the Month is very exciting. I have been with His & Her Fitness for 10 years. My contribution to the team has always been behind the scenes. Basically, whatever Christina asks me to do! I do most everything she asks of me with one exception...that would be doing what we do best-TRAINING! Watching the trainers work with our clients is amazing! I admire their skill set and enthusiasm! I look forward to continuing to work behind the scenes changing lives of our clients one person at a time!
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