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January 2018
Volume 9, Issue #1
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Fun at H&H

Before & After

Christina's Corner

We are so grateful to see our clients have continued success. For those of you that have had success why not share it with your friends and loved ones? We are "HIS & HER" Fitness because we want to create a family environment. Being a boutique its such an honor to be able to take time out of that hour of training and meet as a team to develop the optimal plan for your balance lifestyle goals. We don't want to be your one hit wonder in health. We love being your foundation for progressive health and balanced lifestyle goals. THINK this January what can you say is an area you can progress in realistically?

Weight training 2-3x a week is best...if you are making just the 2 progress to 3 then set a goal with your trainer to do a 2 week progressive motivational plan or trust that you are where you need to be to progress!

Cardio 4x a week for some of you is perfect...others 6x a week is best! ASK your team of trainers what you should realistically do and don't fear a little reminder of the zone that works. I usually find when a client communicates what they do outside of here, shocking enough they are over training. Go to our YouTube and see beginner (trained less than a year with us), moderate (trained over a year and is consistent with cardio and weights) and advanced (usually an athlete or someone that is highly advanced). Click HERE to go right to it!

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
Creative Cardio Library

Christina's Kitchen
Hearty Chicken Veggie mixture

2 boneless skinless chicken breast
Olive oil
Mrs. Dash southwest chipotle

Saute seasoned chicken on each side 5 minutes medium high heat
Place in oven after on preheated over 350 for 20 minutes

Chop two cups of raw brussel sprouts in half
One red pepper chopped
Two medium size sweet potatoes chopped
2 tablespoons of onion powder
2 garlic cloves

Saute the veggie and sweet potato mixture on medium high 3 minutes stir for 15 minutes

When you serve: 
Serving size of chicken and one cup and 1/2 of veggies potato mixture!


For more H&H recipes, check the website at  hisandherfitness.net
Top 10 Fitness Favorites for 2018
1-Fitness Fashion 
When you start new to a training program I always feel sticking with $$ is better then when you reach a goal why not go on the higher end of clothes as a reward for your hard work. 
Target $$,  Nike $$$,  LULU $$$$

Quality of food is amazing and if your eating out the service is always great to have.   Red Door Grill $$$,  Gas Light Grill $$$$,  Bristol $$$$

3-Grocery Store
Quality food, longevity, and still a great shopping experience. Kindness goes a long way when your spending time somewhere.
Hen House $$$ 

4-Heart Rate Monitor
Still a H&H favorite it actually has an accurate heart rate and easy to work.  17 years I have had one and still my personal favorite, tested others and this one still is simple and gets the job done. 
Polar FT7

5-Protein shake
Hydro whey if you need to supplement protein. 

6-Ear buds 
Bose sound sport $$$$

7- Socks 
Nike dry fit 

8-Shoe for Lifting 
Adidas NMD Primekits

9-Gloves for Lifting 
ladies Femme Fitale
men Valeo 

10 Personal Training Program 
First Private personal training studio in Leawood, Kansas. Certified Personal Trainers, Team of Trainers that love working together for your best return. Positive, excited to tell you the truth, realistic, and love meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients! 
Spotlight on Competing
I want to tell you a little about the process of competing. First, you need to make the steadfast decision that this is something you want to do. Competing in a competition is challenging but it is far from impossible. Once I made up my mind to do it, it was (relatively) easy to follow through with. I was worried what people would think but that was quickly thrown to the wayside with the support of the ones around me. Having a coach to show you the way is important to the process. Christina has a step-by-step process to make you successful but you have to do the work and stay on track. Although I'm a trainer myself this put me back into the role of the client. This was because competing wasn't familiar to me. Competing involves practice of poses as well as the VERY strict diet and workouts. I know the more competitions I do the better and easier the process will be.

I had slightly different mindsets from the first show in Kansas City to my second show in San Diego. For the first show I didn't know anything, it was all new information to me. This meant I took in the whole process as well as enjoyed each step of the way. Once I was on the stage for the first time I knew I could accomplish anything! The second show felt much of the same, although I knew the basics there was still much I needed to work and improve on. In both shows being on stage was well worth the process. The greatest challenge about the show in San Diego was the fact we had to travel and prepare for the 3 days we would spend there. There was drastically different than having the competition down the street. After the second show I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot and my photos were featured in a digital magazine-ANGT Magazine. In this article my weight loss story was featured. I talked about the ups and downs in my life as well as the process of me becoming a trainer. 

Bottom line is that there is no limit to what you can do. The largest obstacle in any journey is constantly reminding yourself that you can do it. Trust me you can!

-Adrian Iliescu
Team Member of the Month

Happy New Year to my H&H FitFam! It's so exciting to look ahead at 2018 and anxiously anticipate all of the awesome things to come. I am sure that many of you have set resolutions that you hope to achieve in the new year, an for many of you, those resolutions include things like "lose weight", "eat healthier", "exercise more". And I'll be the first to say, those are great goals. But unless you have a compelling "why" behind them, they'll fizzle out faster than the Kansas City Chiefs playoff hopes! 

For me, my "why" has always been my family history. Members of my family on both my mom's and my dad's side have never been particularly healthy conscious. Things such as excess weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, various forms of cancer, dementia, among others, have plagued family members. I have watched for years as my family members have struggled with various ailments that have kept them from leading carefree and worry free lives. And over the holidays, I watched family members close to me battle illnesses and medical conditions that were due, in part, to a lifetime of unhealthy habits. I told myself many years ago that I would do anything I could to keep my health front of mind and avoid the conditions that hindered the lives of the ones that I love. For me, that means using nutritious food to nourish and fuel my body. It means hitting the gym to lift weights at least 3 times a week, getting my cardio in 5-6 times a week, and taking sufficient time to rest and heal my muscles. It means engaging my family and encouraging my them to build healthy habits by cooking dinners together, taking family walks, and organizing active family vacations.

Everyone's "why" is different and personal and important. And no plan is fail proof...doing all the right things doesn't guarantee you a life free from illness or injury. But the way I see it, you can be proactive about your health and increase your odds of living a long, happy live. Or you can be reactive when ultimately faced with an illness or injury. I personally will chose proactive every. Single. Time! And I hope that, even if you haven't always been on that path, 2018 is the year that you will start proactively taking care of YOU and encouraging the ones you love to do the same. Make it a great year.....hugs to you all!!
Client of the Month
Mary Jo

I am honored to be chosen as the H&H Fitness client of the month for January. As we enter 2018, many people are setting their goals/resolutions for the New Year, many of them related to health and fitness, working out, eating healthy and losing weight.

As a long time client of H&H Fitness (since 2008) eating healthy, weight training and cardio is my lifestyle. My goal/resolution for 2018 is to enhance what I am currently doing, eat healthy, but work out with even more focus, being aware and more conscious. Christina has always encouraged me to set new goals, raise the bar and look at each year as an opportunity for continuous improvement. 

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal said boutique fitness is booming. Christina has always been ahead of her time. Her combination of weights, nutrition and cardio is what works. Her clients transformations year after year are an example. It's the personal touch and helping clients set realistic goals that set H&H apart. 

Throughout my fitness journey, I read Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD. It's about aging and still being able to be active. At one point it mentions weight training 2-3 times a week and benefits of trainer. Having a trainer is not just losing weight and looking good, it's also physical and mental strength and increased energy. 

Our society is aging, who doesn't want to live longer and live healthier.
Cancellation Policy
In light of the new year, His & Her Fitness would like to remind everyone of our cancellation policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel a session. Anything less than 24 hours will be charged as a session. This is due to trainers' busy schedules and to aid in meeting every client's scheduling needs. 

Just like the trainer's time, we know your time is valued as well. If a trainer cancels with less than 24 hours notice and does not have your original appointment time set with another trainer, you will not be charged for the session. If you have any issues with scheduling, please call or text the manager, Emily Merchant, at 816-878-2861 and Christina Larson at 913-206-7645. 
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