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October 2017
Volume 8, Issue #10 
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Congrats Sporting KC!
Chiefs Looking Good!

Photo Shoot!
Look for us in the BFW January issue!
Winners! 3 Trophies!

Christina's Corner
Cool weather and workouts!

We are so pumped for this month's goals! What makes those you care so much about hold back from working out? Time, motivation, knowledge, injury or extrinsic motivation? 

We are just like the people we spend the most time with so start by asking those you spend your time with if they want to walk daily with you. Or would they mind grocery shopping with you?

And, of course, always feel free to have them rock a workout with you! Sometimes it is just the invite and letting them know you want to share the time with them.

Even if that friend or loved one does not want the entire healthy lifestyle maybe by connecting them with a few pieces of it will bring them into your fitness family. It's a blessing to look around and say that everyone is connected with healthy habits.

Invite your friends and loved ones to your fitness happy hour...this can break down barriers that can cause people to withhold from preventing health issues. 

Time together, motivating each other, challenge your knowledge of your inner strength, preventing injuries and more! Doing things alone can be fun but with support it's that much stronger.

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
Creative Cardio Library




Christina's Kitchen
Italian Slices

Zucchini slice
Take a paper towel and dab for less moisture
Prepped Blackened Chicken
Sliced Roman Tomatoes
One Egg
1 tsp Italian Seasoning
1 tsp Basil
1 tsp Garlic Powder

Take pizza pan, spray Pam, lay zucchini in 4.  Place tomato on each. Place chicken cubed on each. Crack egg in middle. Feta and seasoning over the top!

Bake in oven for 12 minutes at 400 degrees and serve! Add avocado if you like! 


For more H&H recipes, check the website at  hisandherfitness.net
Team ON at the Olympia
Since 2010 Owner Christina Larson has been representing Team ON at the Olympia. She feels it's just as exciting as the first time she was welcomed to the event. 

Her favorite part is connecting with fans across the world that are like minded and keeping in touch with social media outlets until the next Arnold and Olympia come around!   
California Dreaming
I have coached for 15 years and it's rare to have a group that just comes into a show and everyone is having a better time because of their energy. Few people are paid to be at shows. I am super grateful to be sponsored by TeamON, CJsuits, BFW mag, and Naava swim! The weekend was packed from show prep last workouts and then the show! But this Stiller group came in from day one ready to enjoy the process. They walked away with the Promoter of the Show for 29 years and said "Christina I have never met anyone from Kansas that was not sweet and did not come ready for a show." Jon Lindsey! 

This means so much we have been bringing a team to LA and San Diego shows since 2011 it's been a honor to consistently train people that appreciate the sport and dial in to their personal best!  
Save the Date
October 14 - Fluff Your Pup WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to everyone who participated, over $3000 was raised!

October 28 - Firsthand Foundation Masquerade Ball, for information click  HERE

November 25 - H&H Holiday party. Silent auction will be held, benefits Caring for Kids. For details click HERE
Team Member of the Month
Rob Crane

Being team member of the month is a great compliment as a trainer. I have the privilege of working with some dedicated quality people and outstanding clients! Recently I have been going through a lot personally and I want to thank everyone for their continued support through encouraging words, thoughts and prayers. It truly helps to define Fitness Family #fitfam.
Fall is here and so are the mild temperatures. Take advantage of them by doing your creative cardio outside or even enjoying some of your favorite mindless cardio activities. If you do not know what your Target Heart Rate Zone is, please get with your trainer ASAP! This is easy to fix and we want you to continue
seeing results at your ability level. Also, take time to evaluate how you can incorporate more activity into your daily life. Especially if you have a job that requires sitting for prolong periods of time or little movement. Everyone has heard of parking their car further away or taking the stairs. Try to take frequent breaks while multitasking at your desk by standing up, walk in place or take quick walks to increase blood flow. Please talk with your trainer and discuss what motivates you. If we know you have an important day or event coming up, that is great to know so we can set some short-term goals. Once those goals are achieved then we can help you set new ones. As a trainer, I love to hear how good your feeling now since you have made positive changes in your lifestyle or your current clothes hang off of you; your fitting into a size you haven't been able to wear in a very long time or you're now receiving complements on how good your appearance has improved. Keep giving us feedback so we can help you be at your very best! 
Client of the Month
Lori McCutchen, age 48; Lawyer and Cancer Survivor

In 2012, I awoke from surgery to learn my abdomen was filled with tumors. What I thought was appendicitis was, in fact, cancer. That day, the surgeon gave me a 20% change of survival, and suggested to my future husband that I get my affairs in order. I underwent chemotherapy and had a chemical cocktail dripped into my veins for 6 months - chemicals so toxic that hospital staff wore protective gear when handling them. 

Before chemo, I was a vibrant person who rode horses, loved long distance runs, and undertook all sorts of physical challenges. But this all changed with chemotherapy: my hair fell out, my memory started failing, I had trouble thinking and speaking, and I suffered from crushing fatigue. My body aged so rapidly, that I went into menopause at 42. The days of riding horses, running half marathons and undertaking physical challenges were over. Ironically, saving my life meant the loss of the mind and body I once had. It took 5 years to recover.

I would not be where I am today without the unwavering love and support of my husband Matt Kaustinen, or the coaching and tough love from Christina Larson, Rob Crane and Andrian Iliescu of His & Her Fitness. I started training with His & Her Fitness simply to battle the fatigue I felt every day. Their training and guidance on fitness and nutrition has helped me recapture my life. My strength increased. My energy improved. I lost 20 pounds and my body fat improved from 28% to 11%. 

Today, I am strong and I am fit. Surviving cancer and its effect gave me a new lease on life. I've let go of certain fears, and, at the age of 48, I'm competing in my first fitness competition in San Diego. If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would compete in a bikini on stage, I would have called them crazy. Not today. 
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