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September 2017
Volume 8, Issue #9 
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Training News
Trainers have been working hard on their craft recently!

In The News...
Filming...but for what?  You will have to wait and see

A huge part of a healthy lifestyle! Food prep!

Christina's Corner
Fall Into Great Habits!

It may take time but with consistency being healthy becomes a habit! And the healthier we are the more energy we have! Then our body becomes efficient with every day energy. 

If you knew that being proactive would make you have more time would you? Fact...it does. No one ever said, "When I took care of my health I did not like how it felt." 

Thank you His & Her Fitness family, let's take our own health to another level. Look at your cardio, are you consistent? If not, look at the times available for creative cardio and make it happen! Invite a friend or a loved one! 

If you can't make creative cardio then plan on staying after your training and do some mindless cardio...20 minutes or 30 minutes max, you are already sweaty so finish strong! 

Food...do you have a plan or just wing it? No one ever that is successful says, "I wing it to be here." They have a plan, organize it and attack! Regroup if the plan was not the best. You will always have better results if you food prep...or look at week and go one time to the store and rock that food you planned. 

Weight training 3x week burns more calories and makes the process of fat burning happen faster, but never go less than 2x week! Happy muscles equals good blood flow, happy bones, and more fat burning at rest with lean muscle! Of course all 3 areas are a constant progression..but that's what keeps us going knowing there are more goals to have. No excuses...is better then having no choice but to be healthy. Form habits before they form you! 
Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
Creative Cardio Library




Christina's Kitchen
Berry Waffles

1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt 
1 whole egg
1/4 cup oat bran
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
2 tsp honey
Blend in blender

Pour in waffle maker!

Serve with berries and teaspoon of peanut butter or almond butter. 


For more H&H recipes, check the website at  hisandherfitness.net
Creative Cardio Class Schedule
Just a reminder that we are now offering regular creative cardio classes throughout the week. Classes are $15 and 30 minutes and a great way to torch some fat with friends! The current schedule is:

Mondays 6am
Tuesdays 10am
Thursdays 11am
Saturdays 8am and 9am
Save the Date
October 7 - NPC California Jon Lindsay Show. Support your trainers at this event by visiting  HERE

October 14 - Fluff Your Pup benefiting Wayside Waifs. Fun time for the whole family, for details click HERE

October 28 - Firsthand Foundation Masquerade Ball, for information click  HERE

November 25 - H&H Holiday party. Silent auction will be held, benefits Caring for Kids. For details click HERE
Team Member of the Month
Terrilyn Schmanke 

It's awesome to be recognized as team member of the month, especially given that the entire H&H team has been seriously stepping up its game! 

Speaking of stepping of your game... if you fell off the fitness wagon and let the summer sun get the best of your healthy routine, now is the time to buckle back down! School has started, summer is over and the holidays will be upon us before you know it. And nobody wants to go into the holidays feeling sluggish, run down, and fluffy. So it's time to go back to the plan that got you healthy in the first place! A combination of five healthy meals each day, 30 minutes of cardio 4-6 days each week and your strength session 2-3 times a week will have you prepared to take on the holiday season like a boss! If you are in a rut with your nutrition or cardio ask a member of your training team for ideas. We're here to guide you towards success.  Cheers to a fabulous fall! 
Client of the Month
Bennett Family

My twin brother and I began working out with Christina and a few others of the H&H team over the summer.  While we are both busy with baseball, basketball, work, and other activities, our parents wanted us to continue working on our strength, but more importantly, building that strength with proper form and supervision.

Our mom and dad both workout about 5 days per week, and my dad has been coming to H&H for almost 2 years. He thought Christina could help us with some general strength, as well as some sport specific exercises. I thought I was just coming here to exercise, but I have learned much more. 

Chr istina holds us accountable for our food journals, which I'm supposed to send daily.  Josh occasionally splurges on certain foods, but I am much more conscious about what I eat and how it affects the way I feel.  My strength has increased significantly over the past 3 to 4 months, and I am sure it will continue. 

Thanks to Christina and the rest of H&H for picking us as the clients of the month!
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