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May 2019
Volume 10, Issue #5
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Happy birthday
Kindest Kansas Citian
Matthews Ministry
Advanced Aesthetics
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8 Weeks to Greatness
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Started at H&H at 12! She has honored us with having her first job at H&H before she heads off to college, so pumped for her future! 

Grads we are so proud of each of you! Your food journals and consistency with workouts and cardio is a solid foundation for health! Looking forward to your continued success! 

Happy birthday!
Happy 50th! Lori so proud of you and excited for your next adventure! 
Kindest Kansas Citian!
You can get great cardio by walking dogs, check out Rusty Smith HERE
Matthews Ministry
Annual event for me with Mathews ministry this year over 100 people attended! It was a blessing to dance the night away and teach salsa and Matthews Ministry!

Advanced Aesthetics
Enjoyed attending the white party at Advanced Aesthetics!
We are the official gym since 2010, enjoyed over 50 of the athletes in and out of H&H! Good luck to all this year
Christina's Corner
Summer is Here!

May is a month that there is so much change. Turning new leafs is such a beautiful thing once we are past the unknown or not experienced part. As a team we encourage all clients to rock food journals. When I think of clients like Mary Jo Lang rocking since 2007 and of course Meredith Dubill. When life is busy staying mindful helps your trainer be always here for you, your cardio can be done anywhere home or gym and your food journal can be sent with a text, email or our handy in house food journal as well. You know yourself best on what works for you on how you deliver the information. This May "May I please have your food journal?" With all the change take a minute to reach out to people and just have a healthy lunch or even grab dinner, being around like minded healthy people can be refreshing during a season of graduations and staying so busy grabbing can be a habit that comes back. To finish up May is nuts here we had the amazing PGA here over 50 athletes and if you can follow the #8weeks_to_greatness this is the 15 year for it and we as a team are so pumped!  

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
C reative Cardio Library



Christina's Kitchen
Jonam's Turkey

1 lb ground turkey
1/4 cup green onion
2 red and green pepper chopped
4 crushed cloves of garlic
2 tomatoes chopped
1/4 cup cilantro
Ethiopian sauce (river market purchase)

Make turkey as suggested and then mix in all the other ingredients. 

Serve with one serving size of rice. 


For more H&H recipes, click HERE
Save the Date
Creative Cardio each week! 
Mondays 6am and 5:30pm
Tuesdays 9:30am
Thursdays 9am 
Saturdays 8am and 9am

8 Weeks to Greatness
Coming soon...


Trainer Times
Personal Training is ready for you by appointment! 

H&H has trainers starting as early as 3:30am and as late as 8:00pm! We are here to serve you. The trainers work as a team so when you need a different day or time we adapt with using each other to help...or if a trainer has a day off another trainer will keep you rolling at your time. 

Monday - Friday 6:00am-8:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm
Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm

Always text 913-206-7645 if you can come sooner, if a trainer is here and available we are happy to accommodate!

Here are current group training openings:

Christina: Monday 1:30p and 5:30p, Tuesday 7a, Wednesday 4:30p

Monica: Monday 10a and 1p, Tuesday 9a and 12n, tandem opening at 1p, Wednesday 9a, Thursday 9a and 1p
Client of the Month
Troy Moore

My His & Her Fitness journey started in September of 2018 at the suggestion of my wife Angela. She had already been working hard at the gym and thought that we should train together as we entered the "empty nest" phase of our lives. I have known Christina for many years and have always admired her commitment to her job and applauded the success of her business. I came from a gymnastics and cheerleading background in my high school/college years and always found my fitness goals being met just by being "active" in my sport. Fast-forward 20+ years, and other than my one backflip a year on my birthday, the activity level has certainly changed.

My initial concern was that I've never been a gym rat...and always felt extreme intimidation and discomfort walking into a gym full of posing, grunting, mirror hounds that are more self-absorbed than the Kardashian's. I knew that if Angela felt good going there, this could be a place I would feel confident going. I've had many friends train at HHF and knew that if I could overcome my insecurities, my new gym schedule would only benefit my health and well-being. (Plus make that annual backflip a little easier year after year.)

At the hands of Bryan and team, I began seeing results almost immediately. Not only was I feeling better about myself, but the encouragement provided by the staff and my new "gym-family" was more than I could have expected. I am a person that requires accountability and I knew that in order for me to make it a permanent appointment in my life, I would need to hire a trainer that expected to see me three times a week. I run an extremely busy life as a husband, father and running my business, Madi Mali Homes, where we specialize in custom home building and Interior Design. My days are unpredictable, stressful and challenging...without my commitment to HHF and better health, I would struggle getting through my week. Making fitness a staple in my life forces me to leave the office at a set time, where I am able to walk into the gym, embrace my friends and get to work de-stressing from the day. Our food planning and preparation has also aided in our success and the combination has enabled me to feel better at 46...than I did when I was 36.

Client of the month...flattering but unnecessary. I'm just thankful for my team at HHF, my wife for the continued encouragement and my new friends I get to see every week. The body is getting better...but my heart is full. To me, that's worth it. www.madimalihomes.com
Team Member of the Month
Monica Cass

I'm very honored to be chosen as trainer of the month. I am blessed to work with amazing trainers each and every day and have the best clients around.

Summer is upon us and this mom is ready for it. Make sure and keep your kids active, be an example for them. Teach them what it is like to live a healthy lifestyle...with exercise and what you put in your body. Teach them now so when they go off to college or move out you've given them the amazing gift of living healthy.

We look forward to having all our high school kids and college kids back in this summer. The energy you bring to the gym is priceless. Moms and dads this is a great place to spend some quality time with your kids while working out together. Let's make this a summer your family will love forever...a summer full of healthy habits that will last a lifetime!
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