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June 2019
Volume 10, Issue #6
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday
It's my Grandma's birthday month! Tradition to take her to lunch, rocked a healthy lunch with my fit Grandma and my cousin at the Bristol downtown! Feel very blessed to share an afternoon with her. 

H&H fun!
8 weeks is on its way! Brad already down 36 lbs and Jessica 26 lbs, good job guys!

Trainer workout Friday's at 11a as they can, super fun!

We are so blessed and appreciate being in Muscle & Fitness UK...this is the number one fitness magazine in the world. Big accomplishment for training I feel so grateful! My amazing fitness photographer has so many connections and reached out years ago, and every year has placed me in a mag highlighting clients which is even better to my heart than anything. You all are my fire, thank you!

Kids are so fun! I feel so blessed that they are all coming in! From my 17 years experience I can see kids that are now adults and have created these habits they saw their parents doing. We do what we are taught...or learn later how to. Never give up and never a better time to start then now. Whatever your age. Personal training at its finest when you are treated like an individual. 

Random Friday all clients matching their trainer

When Elinor turned 86 I suggested zip lining. We hiked in the woods and climbed up 75 steps and kept our cores tight and zip 6 lines at KC zip line. Super fun and weather could not have been better. My favorite quote from her " I will never say this again, but I feel more alive". That Friday her weights were up 100% more than the Tuesday before. My entire point is I won't give up on you if you don't stop encouraging new fitness journeys! I love my fitness family, thank you!

Out and about with client Nancy (11 years of training) and her darling family! Get out, it's so nice!!

Christina's Corner
Summer is Here!

June is a month that things start to settle down. Even better--it's not too hot to rock that creative cardio outside and, of course, fire up the grill. 

In two more months His & Her Fitness will start its 15th year of business. We like to think back and thank those past and present clients for trusting us with their fitness journeys. We still have many of the original clients and we can't thank you enough for your loyalty! We are blessed to see you continue to set higher and higher  goals for your healthy lifestyle. So this is a month we are reflecting on all the years of stories and all the lives changed by "helping one person at a time live a healthy life". For me, as the owner of H&H, it's an honor to see this hold true because each of you are doing your best to eat clean and do your creative cardio and strength training no less than 2x a week, usually 3x a week and some of you rocking 5x a week! The energy in the studio has never been better. Our gift to you is the updates we are doing. You may have seen shelves and new toys like the rope. Ask your personal trainer the exciting news on our remodeling and the little things to improve the atmosphere. I love to keep the place cutting edge for your health and fitness goals. Thank you so much for your time and consistency. 

If you can take a few minutes and write a review on Google, Yelp and/or Facebook review, your efforts would be appreciated. Your reviews help potential clients know that people like you are happy and successful at H&H! 

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
C reative Cardio Library
Beginner #creativecardio
Beginner #creativecardio

Moderate #creativecardio
Moderate #creativecardio

Advanced #creativecardio
Advanced #creativecardio

Christina's Kitchen
Simple Chopped Cucumber Salad

2 English cucumbers sliced
Container of cherry tomatoes cut in half

When serving have a cup of above


Marzetti Basil Balsamic
1/4 cup sweet potato chopped
4 oz of chicken or turkey


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Meredith Dubill Photography

Special shout out to my year round photographer at H&H! Meredith has taken sooooo many amazing pictures for the gym and she's an #8_weeks_to_greatness rock star!

Contact Meredith for any of your picture needs including Senior Pictures, Family, Wedding, Newborn and so much more! 

Click HERE to see all of the session packages at Meredith Dubill Photography!
Client of the Month
Seemantini Pathak

In early 2019 my medical checkup gave me a wake up call. I had been stressed and overstretched for awhile, trying to do my best for my family and in my job. I had no time to exercise, and in any event had not been able to stick to an exercise program for several years. Although I tried to eat well, my go to foods at stressful times were carbs and sweets - and there were a lot of stressful times. Looking at my medical results, I realized that I was on the path to serious medical issues and joint problems - unless I changed my ways.

The change began when I finally acknowledged to myself that although I was successful in several other areas of life, I did not have the ability to stick to a wellness plan on my own. Almost as soon as I had this realization, I saw an ad for His and Her Fitness. The idea of making appointments with a trainer to impose some external discipline was appealing, though I was nervous about how a gym routine could fit in my busy, travel-heavy schedule. And I was intimidated at the thought of training in a gym with people far fitter and more knowledgeable than me.

But I made the commitment. Right away, I was struck by how attentive and considerate Christina, Bryan and Jonam were. They made sure that I pushed myself, but safely, without aggravating old joint injuries. I quickly lost my fear of this welcoming gym with friendly, dedicated trainers and motivated clients at all stages of their wellness journeys. Although the first month felt physically difficult, I am glad I stuck with my workouts. Eventually, I was delighted to discover that my knees and shoulders felt stronger so that I could move with more confidence. I had more energy throughout the day and so could get all my work done even with going to the gym thrice a week and also doing cardio on most other days. Best of all, I became less stressed - something my family is grateful for!

Today I have been going to H&H for a few months and the gym is part of my routine. I train with Christina, Jonam and Bryan, and appreciate having the variety of their different styles. They keep me accountable by reminding me to focus on cardio outside the gym. I am so much more mindful about eating healthy because I know I will report my food journal to Christina. Eating healthy while traveling, during celebrations or with friends is not always easy, but Christina is wonderful at suggesting wise food choices in a range of situations. I really appreciate having my trainers' support and gentle nudges to exercise and eat well even when I am away from home! I am making steady progress towards my fitness goals but equally importantly, I am building healthy habits.

Christina and each of her trainers are dedicated to having their clients lead their healthiest lives. Their knowledge, professionalism, warmth and sense of fun make gym sessions a wonderful de-stressing experience. Thank you Christina, Jonam and Bryan for making a difference in my life.
Save the Date
Creative Cardio each week! 
Mondays 6am and 5:30pm
Tuesdays 9:30am
Thursdays 9am 
Saturdays 8am and 9am

Team Member of the Month
Pahul Warya

I am honored to be client of the month for H&H Fitness! I have been a client here since I was 12 years old and recently I have started working as a gym associate. I loved the warm environment of H&H and the friendly personalities of the trainers as a client, but it was interesting to see a different perspective as a gym associate. I got to see the "behind the scenes" of how this amazing place runs and I am shocked at what all goes into it. The dedication and teamwork of all the trainers is commendable! All the clients at H&H are determined and persistent to achieve their goals. It is inspiring to see how all the clients at H&H continue to stay so focused and healthy even during the summer time. Since this is my first job, working at H&H has taught me a lot of life skills that I will carry with myself throughout my college years and beyond. I am so glad I am a part of the H&H family and hope to continue to inspire and motivate others to persevere and work hard. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at H&H and for all the amazing clients and trainers that make this place so wonderful! 
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