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March 2020
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Fitness Happy Hour
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16 years being in business I can't say enough about how change is good. And what better timing. To have fresh paint, new floors, more open space. Thank you Kelly Construction for the efficient and professional work so far. To my landlord Bob for approval. For BRR architecture design. Charity Davis color. It's been wonderful working with each of you. I have always loved using my personal network to do anything and it's been an honor working with each of you. Thank you so much!

Christina's Corner
March forward!

May each of you continue to stay healthy! As owner of His & Her Fitness I am trying my best to reach out to each of you to make sure you are healthy and don't need anything. If you are a past or active client know you are still part of our fitness family and if you live alone you have my number, happy to assist you if you need it. As a team we know that 90% of the clients here either directly own a business, CEO, CFO, nurse, teacher, doctor, significant other or are at an age where this directly impacts you. We are so stinking proud of each of you being those epic leaders that you are and taking charge working countless hours transitioning to working from home some having children and some not seeing grandchildren but you all are making it work. As owner of His & Her Fitness for 16 years I have always been a person that feeds off the energy around me, not having the doors open does not mean the magic is not still felt in the doors. We have an entirely new look when you walk in not only will it be spring heck yea but the medical grade paint, the new floors, new front desk and more will just give us all a fresh new look on why we take care of our heart, lungs and minds for this is all bringing us back to what matters most, taking care of ourselves makes it easier to handle unnecessary stress and pressure. We at His & Her Fitness felt this pressure of cold and flu starting in February and staying on top of this with the studio not open for several days. I can't be happier that each of you are still feeling good. THANK YOU!

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete
Creative Cardio
Beginner level
Beginner level
Moderate now we are talking
Moderate now we are talking
Advanced Level athlete
Advanced Level athlete

Christina's Kitchen
Grill Chicken Pineapple

1/4 cup liquid aminos
1/4 cup pineapple juice
2 tsp of ketchup
3 cloves of minced garlic
1 tsp of sriracha sauce
4 boneless skinless chicken breast
2 Tablespoons of fresh cilantro

whisk aminos, pineapple juice, ketchup, garlic, sriracha in a bowl

place the chicken in bowl or zip lock bag with the above mixture over night

Next day grill and serve with chopped peppers and 1/4 cup of wild rice


For more H&H recipes, click HERE
CREATIVE CARDIOS every Saturday!

Let's rock this it at:
8am join us!
9am join us!


Even with lockdown we still have classes just text me 913-206-7645 and I will connect you!

Thursday 6:30pm
Friday 1:30pm
Saturday 1:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm

As owner of His & Her Fitness I believe in having balance with h ealth. Yoga for me has been amazing for recovery. And when I started it was because I had some unnecessary stress and it helped me stay relaxed and mindful. Creative cardio has this effect as well so rock that cardio and mix in some yoga. Thanks so much!


Thursday April 2nd 7 pm 
Stir Fry 
house party with me and enjoy a dinner with your family 

Monday April 6th 9 am 
Christina Larson fitness expert will be on her regular spot talking about spring workout, may this be something you friends and family can watch with having more time! 

Thursday April 9th 7 pm 
Reaces peanut butter cups 
enjoy house party with me 

Thursday April 16th 7 pm 
Eric is a Sommelier enjoy I don't encourage this often but making the best of this lock down! 

8 weeks to greatness is coming out soon 
think of someone you know that has gone through a lot and may need this gift to grow emotionally and health over all!! 

MO has a baby on the way guys.......pray for the family during this time. 
In The News
KCTV 5 fitness expert Christina Larson with Belinda Post how to workout with bands HERE!
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Kids at Home Tips
Tips for kids at home:
2-Keep them dressing like school
3-Eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner at table (magic happens at the table)
4-Hour a day with friends playing scheduled activity online
6-Encourage hydration
7-15 minutes of silence or more
8-Go to bed on time
9-Walk once a day
10-Write a letter to someone
11-You've got this, you are going to be the best parents in their eyes because they will never forget this time that you spent with them

You all are saints for making this work, proud of each of you. I see over the years how fatigued parents get over the end of summer, let's do some of the above to keep routines and healthy habits. 
Client of the Month
Erma Jones

Long ago, I decided I needed to add exercise to my life. I started exercising without a plan. I really thought it was something I could do on my own. It was a bad idea. Once I stopped doing it wrong, it was two weeks before my back quit hurting. That's when I learned there is a right way and a wrong way to workout. At His & Her Fitness, Christina, Monica, KJ and Mo are professionals. They made sure I did it the proper way. A backache doesn't happen when you are training at H&H. I admit I have sore muscles. God blessed me with a granddaughter that has pushed me to keep active and eat healthy. I recently had a cancer scare. I believe having a healthy body was the reason I had a fast recovery after cancer surgery. I'm now cancer free! Thanks to H&H, I'm in great shape for my future. May God be with you.
Team Member of the Month
Mo Baldeh

I am thankful for the employee of the month award. I got to give thanks to all my coworkers for making H&H a very fun environment for me to be around daily. I cannot forget to give huge props to my clients. You are the best clients a trainer can dream of. I have a short message to everyone dealing with coronavirus. This is a test for all of us to stay disciplined and positive. We shall past this coronavirus pandemic. Stay with your goals and keep crushing them daily.
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