February 2019

I want to take just a minute to brag on some very special people that some of you will know - my Ladies' Council Team. Serving with me this year are April McGee, Kim McCormick, Natalie Blasingame, Debi Buckles, Mary Standley and Becky Gressett.
We snuck away for a couple of days earlier this month to plan our 2019 calendar, and to finalize all the details for Delighted, our women's conference. These ladies, y'all! They love you so much and are so desperate to help you go deeper with the Lord this year. 
As a result of our time together, you are going to see some regular monthly resources and tools being posted which we hope will be of use to you in strengthening your walk with the Lord. If you follow our His Delight Facebook page, then you are already aware of this.
Each month I will post a themed Scripture Writing Plan which you can also use as your daily devotional. This month we even have one you can share with your kids! 
I want to encourage you to do four things with these daily scriptures...
Read it.    Write it.    Pray it.    Apply it.
Read through the scriptures for each day. Write them out in a notebook or journal. (Writing out the Word helps it to remain in you.) Make those scriptures your prayer. Then walk them out during your day. If you falter, resort to step three. Pray and ask the Lord for help! 
We have also posted about some excellent online resources for personal Bible study, devotionals and scripture meditation on our Facebook page
Sisters, can we try this together this year? Can we go for God with all we have, and cheer and encourage each other in the process? 
If you do not have a daily spiritual routine that you connect with God, then I want to encourage you to let this be the year you both start, and finish well! If you do have a regular routine, my team and I want to challenge you to change it up, especially if it has become dry and feels like more of a duty than a delight. 
We are rooting for you and praying for breakthrough, rapid spiritual growth and deeper intimacy between you and the Lord. 
Blessing you and yearning to see you flourish,
Cheryl and The Ladies' Council Team
Click on the pictures below to download a PDF of the graphic.


Saturday, February 2

I know. Some of you are probably wondering why we added this plug for Ministry Team Training in this month's newsletter. I am so glad you asked!
This summer we are hosting a very special worship and ministry night (ladies' only) all for the purpose of creating a safe place for to put the skills learned at MTT, into practice. In other words, it's time to RISK! It helps, however, to have attended MTT. Therefore, we invite you to come this weekend.  Online registration has closed, but we will happily accept walk-ins at the door on Saturday. Registration will open at 8:00 am. Worship begins at 8:30 am.
Tuesdays, January 15 through March 12, 9:30 - 11:00 am

February 16 from 2 - 4 pm in TheCove

March 1 and 2
Friday 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 3:30 pm (Lunch will be served.)

What does remaining steadfast mean to you? How does that look in the midst of crisis and struggles? Can you really remain firm and unwavering when everything around you is being shaken. You can! 
We are so thrilled to bring back our friend and gifted speaker, Esther Flores. Esther's love for Jesus and her passion for helping others draw close to him shines through in a powerful way!
Our ladies are enjoying getting to know Cindy better during Ladies' Bible Study this semester. Cindy is passionate about following hard after God and bringing others along with her! She is an anointed teacher and minister of the Gospel. 
What an honor to have our friend, Angie Ruata, with us again for this conference. Angie is so many things, but to us she is a dear friend of Calvary and one of our favorite worship leaders for ladies' our events.
Friends, this is an event you do not want to miss. Register now and plant your stake in the ground as a confession to remain steadfast this year. Then join us March 1 and 2 as we embark on this journey together!
The best way to meet people is to be intentional about making connections. Here are some suggestions to help you connect with other ladies at Calvary.
  • Join a Journey Group: Check out the sign up sheets located at the Journey Group table.
  • Invite someone to join you for lunch after a CCC event.
  • Invite another lady over for coffee, or to meet you at a local coffee shop.
  • Schedule a play date with another mom and her kids.
  • Invite someone to join you for one of our ladies' events.
  • Volunteer for a Calvary event (such as Delighted).
  • Serve in theCove, as a Greeter, on a Lord's Supper team, at Hairgrove Elementary or any other opportunity, and invite others to join you.
Please write us and tell us how you're connecting with other ladies at Calvary. There are so many ways to do so. We'd love to hear your stories, and see how you're intentionally getting to know the women of Calvary.