New Year Edition
Happy New Year, sister!

I cannot tell you how pumped I am about 2020. Seriously! I started living well into this year back in December. I have so much on my plate for the first couple of months of the year, that I needed a head start. I don' t lament any of it. It's all good and exciting things, but boy, did I hit the ground running!

How about you? Did you coast into the new year, or like me, did you get thrust head first into 2020? I have definitely been catapulted into a new season and I don't mind. My heart is full of expectation for this year, and I hope yours is, too. 

Maybe this will be your year of breakthrough. What do you want the Lord to do in, and through you this year? How do you want to grow? Ask Him for it! He's so good and He loves to give good gifts to his kids. 

I want to encourage you to press in like never before this year. Draw near to the Lord. Serve the purposes of God in your home, your church, your kid's school, your neighborhood, and wherever your life shows up.  Get involved and allow yourself to be known as you get to know others. Risk on relationships. It's worth it. No time spent loving another human being is ever wasted. Not ever!

Rub shoulders with other women who inspire you, motivate you, challenge you, and who look like Jesus. Their hunger and passion will rub off on you. And then, be that person for someone else. Who can you model Jesus for this year? What younger sister do you know that needs someone to walk alongside them and be an encourager? Ask the Lord to give you opportunities to influence lives this year, and then be intentional about it. 

Don't let what's in you follow you to the grave. Our time on this earth is short. Lavishly give away what the Lord has deposited in you. Be generous with the gifts He's given you, and faithful to the calling on your life. This world needs that unique expression of God's nature in you to come forth. 

What do you say, sister? Let's make this is our best year yet!

I love you and I long to see you  flourish !

Blessing you,
Cheryl Moses
Beginning Tuesday, January 21

LBS meets on Tuesdays at 9:30 am, in TheCove. This 12 week series by Beth Moore, will begin on January 21. Come join us!
Tuesday, January 28 from 5:30-8:00 pm

We're heading over to Foxfire Candle Works in Vintage Park, for our first Delight Night of the year! They have over 100 scents to choose from to create your very own one-of-a-kind 8 oz candle. 

This event starts at 5:30, but even if you arrive late, you can still make your candle. It takes 90 minutes for the candles to be ready to travel. Therefore, we will create and then, anyone that would like, can go eat nearby. There are many restaurants to choose from in the area, so, we encourage you to gather with other ladies after making your candle, and go grab dinner. 

If you would prefer not to go out for dinner, you can make arrangements with management at Foxfire Candle Works to pick up your candle on another day. They close at 8 pm. FYI, there's also really great shopping to be done at Vintage Park, and some of the stores will be open during this time.

Space for this Delight Night is extremely limited (only room for 20). Sign up today! 
Ladies' Retreat 2020 
March 28 - 29, 2020 

This year we will return to our beloved,  Jordan Ranch in Schulenburg, on  March 28 - 29. We are thrilled to share that our dear friend and former Calvary member, Tonya Peek, will be our guest speaker for this retreat.

What promises are you holding onto for this new year? What are you believing God for in your family and for your own life? Have you given it any thought?

Here's a  sneak peak into our weekend together. Don't wait. Register today!