Summer Edition
Hi, ladies!

We are a little more than halfway through 2020 and we are still here! Friends, that right there is something to celebrate.

When I look back over the past seven months, I am in awe of all that has taken place in my life. 

In January, I did something I have never done before and lead a small retreat on Intimacy with God. I was honored to go on a life-changing mission trip to Myanmar back in February. In April, I ventured out into new territory and recorded a Bible study video series, and I am working on my second one. Earlier this month, I walked into the ER with a 2.2 hemoglobin count. That visit came with a short hospital stay and lots of wonder and marvel from every doctor and nurse who attended to me. I am a walking miracle - a fact no one can refute. A week later, battling a severe reaction to the blood transfusion was how I spent that weekend. That was all over just in time for my birthday, and a few blissful days with friends on a quiet lake far away from the busyness of life.

This has been a year, but I don't lament any of it. Even when my body felt like it was revolting, my God was near. The prayers of friends and faithful intercessors were efficient weapons for my healing. I am grateful. 

And now, here we are the week before our first major women's event of the year. Already this morning, I have been working on a couple of surprises we have in store for our attendees. However, as much as I love giving and surprises, those are not what moves my heart most. It's being together and watching the Lord touch this one, and that one - seeing him minister and form heart connections between sisters, and experiencing his pleasure over us as we press in together. Now that is why I do this! That is what motivates me to go all out. That is why I attend to even the smallest of details and try to create a space where women feel considered and cared for, so that worship and surrender become effortless acts of obedience. Our God is extravagant in his love. Therefore, he deserves nothing less. Yet, I realize that sometimes we need a little help getting there.

Ladies, whether it is Promises or one of our upcoming Bible studies, my prayer is that you will recognize the power of assembling together with other believers, whether in person or online. We need each other. We need the strength and encouragement that fellowshipping brings.

Just one quick story and I will be done.

I have a dear powerhouse of a friend that I was able to spend some one on one time with last summer. We were at her vacation home the week before I was supposed to speak at an event. One morning, I went into her bedroom to see if she was up. She was sitting on her bed doing what I had been doing for the past hour - personally inviting friends to attend this event. We started praying for those who would come and for the message the Lord had given me. I noticed while I was praying that my fervor was increasing. The more expression my friend gave to her prayers, the more I gave to mine. I realized in that moment that she makes me a better pray-er! 

Have you found that to be true for you? When you get around someone who excels in a spiritual gift or in their fervor for the Lord, it increases your own as well?  Sisters, that is how the Kingdom of God works. It is within you as a Christ follower, but sometimes it just needs stirring up. 

I was stirred up in my intercession as my friend boldly professed hers.  The Spirit that is within her, bore witness to the Spirit that is within me (Romans 8:16) and I was spurred on to pray more passionately (Hebrews 10:24).

May we never come to the place where we forsake the need for fellowship, in any form - physically or virtually (but please opt for physical whenever you can). It is a priceless gift from the Father meant to bless us. Receive it as such because right now, we need life-giving connection.

Longing to see you flourish,
Promises Revisited - Saturday, August 1

Have you heard the news? Junior and senior high girls are invited to attend! Actually, I forgot to mention this in the last two emails but I was recovering from a little something. Thankfully, I had some moms inquiring about this and it jogged my memory. Yes, we would love to have your darlings join us on Saturday! It would please me to no end.

REMINDER: Registration will close on Wednesday, July 29. 

Click here to view the current Promises schedule.
In-person LBS - Begins Tuesday, September 15 at 9:30AM

In this video series, Bill Johnson will show how standing in victory and entering your hour of promotion is to learn how to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord. You will learn how to: Encourage yourself, Overcome seriously bad days, Stay connected to your destiny, Access Heaven's open door, and Disarm hell with thanksgiving.

Registration is required for this in-person Bible study series. To register, please reply to this email and let Cheryl know you plan to attend.
Bible Study Video Series - Begins the week of September 13

How much do you know about our God? Who has he been to you at different moments in your life? Father? Guide? Restorer? Safe Haven?  In this Bible study, which was originally intended as a devotional book, we will take an experiential journey to discover how God shows up all throughout scripture. We will start at the beginning, in Genesis, and weave our way through story after story as we unveil the mystery of our God, and how he transforms himself to meet us right where we are in every season, no matter the situation. Who is like our God? He is EVERYTHING!

This is a video series. Each week, participants will receive an email with the video link. To participate in this Bible study, please sign up here. These videos will not be available on our web site.