February 2018
Feature Article

His Other Speech
by Jim Toes

There are two speeches inscribed on the walls of the Lincoln Memorial. One is the Gettysburg Address, 272 words delivered with unequivocal beauty by our nation’s 16th President at a time and place where despair appeared to rule the day. It is perhaps the most recognized speech in our nation’s history. The other, less known but equally deserving, is the Second Inaugural Address delivered by President Lincoln just days prior to the Civil War’s end and a month before his assassination. This Sunday, March 4 marks the 153rd anniversary of his address, and time spent reading it would be time well spent.

In being true to his legacy for brevity, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address was only 701 words, the second shortest delivered by a U.S. President, but it was thick with invaluable content and timeless messages: shared responsibility; rewards that can only come from hard work; hope, and more. Much time has passed since March 4, 1865, but there are many including myself who believe we are today, a divided nation. Separated not by borders of north and south, but by political and social ideologies. While what divides us today pales in comparison to what existed back then, we are still somewhat a house divided. Regardless, there is something for all of us in Lincoln’s words, to draw inspiration from and gain perspective. We enjoy much today and yes, we fight, argue and debate issues that now seem to play out on a minute by minute basis but sometimes taking a step back to celebrate what we have in the form of freedom does us all some good.

Enjoy the read, and your weekend.

“With malice toward none, with charity for all...to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Full speech here
STA Open Call

 On Feb. 6, Tom Gira, EVP FINRA presented on STA's Open Call titled FINRA's 2018 Regulatory and Examination Priorities Letter

Mr. Gira touched on the process that FINRA follows in crafting its Priorities Letter, and provided an update on FINRA’s surveillance programs and the new Report Cards it hopes to publish in 2018.

Open Call Report here
Upcoming Affiliate Events
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Mar. 23-25 - Los Angeles
STALA 83rd Annual Conference, The Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA
Details here

Apr. 19 - New York
STANY 82nd Annual Markets Conference with reception on NYSE floor, New York, NY
Details here

Apr. 26 - Philadelphia
ITAP 94th Annual Conference, R2L Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA
Details here

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 Jan. 23 - STA filed a comment letter on FINRA Retrospective Review of Rule 5250, "Payment for Market Making" HERE

Jan. 23 - FINRA published an overview of its 2018 Annual Budget, which includes its Financial Guiding Principles

"In the interest of promoting greater transparency regarding our operations, we are publishing – for the first time – a summary of our Financial Guiding Principles, as well as an overview of FINRA’s 2018 annual budget." Full report  
STA Women in Finance
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Room at the top: Women in finance & investing
by Lee McAdoo, Managing Director, TD Ameritrade

Age 35.

That’s about when I started to notice that I had fewer female peers.

It shouldn’t have surprised me. Women start to fall back largely due to having families and choosing to opt out of the workforce or scale back professionally just as men pull ahead in their careers. Not only does this shift have a significant impact on women’s personal finances and investing choices, but it also affects the number of women holding careers in financial services. Read more here

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STA and its affiliates recognize the importance of giving back. This month we feature several children's hospitals supported by STA affiliates.