Customer of the Week: Hisamichi Fujimura

Hisamichi Fujimura's 2016 Audi A7 and 2002 Rewaco SH4 Trike

This week we showcase two vehicles owned by Hisamichi Fujimura.  In July and August 2017, Fuji ordered the Stripe-It-All Tool and two different Rimstripe colors: Reflective Red 6017-1/8-BIG Rim and Reflective Light Yellow 6142-1/8-BIG Rim.

Here is what he had to say:

I had one of my friends ask me where did I get those stripes.
So I gave him the web site of Stripe-It-All.
I Love the people's reactions after they see them at night.
Usually it's the very next day, they just can't wait to tell me how cool are the shining red rims.
Thank you"

Fuji installed the reflective red on his black Audi A6:

And he installed the Reflective Light Yellow on his Rewaco SH4 Trike. Cool!

The Stripe-It-All Wheel Striping System makes all this possible.

Thank you, Hisamichi!

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That's it for this week!


Rob "Mr. Stripe-It-All" Masecar

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