Recognizing Healthcare Barriers During Hispanic Heritage Month

This short and to the point video from the Mayo Clinic addresses healthcare barriers that need to be addressed to help Hispanic patients access care.

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World Mental Health Day is October 10

WHO announces plans to launch a campaign, “Making Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority.”


COVID-19 Boosters and Employers

The Health Action Alliance provides a helpful “Booster Checklist for Employers” with considerations about the new COVID-19 boosters.

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vaccfind image Adds Bivalent Boosters to Search Tool

The VaccineFinder tool allows users to filter their search for locations offering COVID-19 vaccines by Zip Code, and includes the newly authorized bivalent booster shots.


Concerns Highlighted Around Higher Costs and the Employer Market

Axios points to the driving news and reads between the lines around signs that higher health costs are coming for employers in the next market year.

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Gender Literacy Training for Employers

Employee Benefit News reports the first trans NCAA D1 men’s athlete, Schuyler Bailar, has launched LaneChanger, a gender literacy training program for employers. 


Distribution of Health Care Spending Show Trends Towards Younger People Accessing Care

Data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) shows that while older patients still represent the majority, people under 25 are steadily increasing when it comes to mental health and addiction spending.

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What’s your “why?” What are the drivers that motivate you to do what you do at Colgate?

I have plenty of "why?" but I prefer to ask "for what purpose?". People motivate me, the ability to have a positive impact on someone's life motivates me. Perhaps I do what I do at Colgate for the purpose of helping people.  

Which benefit or program do you wish employees would utilize more? I wish employees would read and take time to look at the resources we provide so when they are in need they remember there is a program or a benefit that could help them.

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