34th Annual Historic Elgin House Tour is coming on September 12th


2015 Historic Elgin House Tour at a Glance



310 Cooper Avenue

This 1927 Tudor Revival-Style house is a seldom-seen variation, with only one front-facing gable. The original home abounds with Tudor-inspired details. A later remodeling of two rooms added vintage midcentury features -- a Geneva kitchen with metal cabinets and an office featuring knotty pine woodwork. It all adds up to a home with historic character and charm.


1039 Prospect Boulevard

This classic American Foursquare design features Prairie Style-inspired details. Built in 1909, it has a large front porch, ample-sized rooms and two full stories of floor space. See why the Foursquare is a roomy home to raise a family in. The spacious backyard combines gardens, a lawn and a patio to create outdoor living space.


372 Congdon Avenue

This nicely detailed 1930 Tudor Revival-Style home captures the essence of the style. The front-facing gables, large chimney, metal handrail, arched front door and attic window are a few of the characteristic details. The backyard "secret garden" is an eclectic mixture of collectibles, plants, whimsy and comfortable outdoor living space.



1183 Cedar Avenue

This design was inspired by the Norman Revival Style, which lends much to its curb appeal. However, there is more to this charming 1937 home. The warm and relaxing interior spaces provide a great backdrop for the owners' collections and the home's handcrafted artistry. The gardens invite tour-goers to enjoy a slow and admiring stroll that is full of discoveries.



1171 Bellevue Avenue

The Colonial Revival-Style home is one America's most enduring and popular designs. This 1926 Dutch Colonial variant shows why. The traditional floor plan is highlighted by a large living room, adjacent sun room and formal dining room. Adding to the attraction are plenty of windows, new landscaping and a large yard, all on a quiet street.


1177 Bellevue Avenue

Built in 1940, the home is loosely based on the Tudor Revival Style on its exterior. Inside, the room layout is more typical of the Colonial Revival Style, reflecting the mix-and-match designs common to residential architecture. The home combines appealing warmth and tradition with an up-to-date kitchen, efficient use of space and a large yard. This house















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