To: All Historic Festival Competitors


The following 9 groups are based on last year’s groups with the following exceptions:

1) Wings and Slicks are eliminated as a group. We hope to accommodate these cars in other groups.

2) Historic Trans Am will not be coming back this year.

3) Like last year, there is no Lime Rock Drivers Club Miata group. Early 1600 cc Miata’s, as last year, may run with Sports Cars Under 2 Litres.

4) There is no Formula Ford Group.

5) We’ve added a group for Sports 2000 and have a commitment for a full field.

6) We have a group for MG’s, our Featured Marque. Pre-War MG’s will run with Pre-War; MG B’s and other fast MG’s such as highly developed Midgets will run with GT, Sports Cars Under 2 Litres. All other MG’s will have their own group.


Group Order

We changed the group order last year, going into the weekend, to accommodate drivers who were racing more than one car. We have kept that order as a starting point, but I am sure it will change.

Groups are subject to change based on entry. For example, there is the possibility we will have a significant number of Formula Juniors. 



The basis of our tire rules is that we believe cars should race on the type of tire they ran when they raced in period. Accordingly, we have made the provision for some use of slicks in two classes. See below:

  • Mid Century Sports Cars / Formula Juniors
  • Pre-War / Early Post-War Cars
  • MG Feature
  • Sports 2000
  • Tin Tops / IMSA RS / Under 2.5 Litre Cars
  • Air Cooled 911s / IMSA GTU Porsches
  • Fast Production / Sports Racing Cars (period-correct slicks allowed on Sports Racers only)
  • GT / Sportscars Under 2 Litre / Austin-Healeys / SCCA Prepared MGA’s, B’s, Midgets
  • Big Bore (period-correct slicks allowed)

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