Dear St. Edmond's Community,

It is with deep gratitude and excitement that I announce a historic gift of $1,500,000 to St. Edmond's Academy.
This incredibly gracious gift was given by a local family that wishes to remain anonymous. While we can’t publicly thank them for their astonishing generosity, our gratitude is profound, and we hope that they will see the fruits of their transformative gift for years to come, both on our campus and in the lives of our students.

From the donor: “We are excited and humbled we can help. We are very impressed with the energy, passion and enthusiasm shown by Dom and his team. Our intent is to provide a 3-year commitment as a runaway to let Dom work his magic at St. Ed’s. We hope this gift provides much-needed financial breathing room, and hope others will join us in this mission. St. Ed’s is an important piece of our community, and we need to help it continue.”  
Through this incredible gift, one member of our family made us all stronger. But there is much work that remains. 
And in that spirit, the anonymous donors have challenged the school to raise an additional $250,000 this year. They have embraced the words of Blessed Basil Moreau and directly asked each of us how much “good” we can accomplish… together, as a family.
And so, it is with this charge in mind that I humbly ask you to make a gift today. Together, we can strengthen and elevate the school we all love, and help deliver the promise of our mission: to develop boys of character in a community of faith.

Domenic J. Maiorano '97
Head of School