You know what it takes to scale Hospital Hill. Return to the site of running glory and register for the Marine Corps Historic Half on May 20. Sign up to be among the next 3,000 runners who will save $15 off the $95 registration fee.   

During registration , runners can purchase the limited-edition technical training shirt with Historic Half artwork and “Believe. Achieve.” motivational mantra in men’s and women’s sizes. Stunning Historic Half and Devil Dog Double quarter zips are also available.
Stay in Fred
M ake a weekend out of the Half and  book a hotel in Fredericksburg. Explore, shop, eat, discover. Be a tourist and stay downtown or grab a room convenient to the Healthy Lifestyle Expo and the start and finish.

Need more out of your visit to Fredericksburg this year? Sign up to run Hospital Hill, not once but twice. Register for the Devil Dog Double . Run the Semper 5ive, then turnaround and run the Historic Half. One day. Two distances. Three medals.  
The Semper 5ive is a five-mile, point-to-point run from Fredericksburg's downtown, up Hospital Hill to a shared finish line with the Half. Registration is now open.

Earn the coveted Distinguished Participant medal, presented to only 234 runners in 2017. Participate in one of the Historic Half Weekend events, then run with the Marines in June, August and November to complete the four event requirement. Choose between Run Amuck and the Belleau Wood 8K in June; the Quantico Tri or 12K in August; and then run the Turkey Trot in November.
Recognized as the  Iron Mile Company , 136 runners have reached the Historic Half finish line every year since 2008. That’s ten consecutive finishes! The quest for 11 is underway among the 47 females and 89 males that make up this dedicated group.  The Historic Half looks forward to welcoming back all members of the Iron Mile Company.  

Train with RunCoach
For a one-time fee of $20, runcoach's workout engine will design the perfect plan for any runner. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and enjoy the 20 percent higher level of fitness that runners experienced at the Historic Half last year using runcoach.
The run-to-register known as the  Marine Corps 17.75K happening on March 24 grants every finisher a guaranteed spot in the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon. Registration opens at 11 a.m. eastern on February 21.
Lottery registration opens for the 43 rd Marine Corps Marathon begins on March 21 and concludes on March 28. The 2018 MCM happens on October 28.

Hotel room, MCM entries, shuttle transportation, pre- and post-event hospitality, access to special events. It’s in there! Guarantee a spot in the MCM and enjoy the all-inclusive MCM Four Star Registration Package .

Sign up on February 28 for Run Amuck or Belleau Wood 8K happening on June 23. Registration begins on April 25 for the Quantico Tri and 12K to be held on August 25. The Turkey Trot 10K opens registration on June 13 and runs on November 17.