History Career Day
Mark Kehres, Kathryn Szumanski, and Alain Duroseau, alumni of Villanova's history program, at History Career Day, Feb. 8, 2019
The Lepage Center hosted its second annual History Career Day on February 8th, 2019. A signature program of the Lepage Center, History Career Day showcases how history majors put their degrees to work in the history profession and beyond.

The program offers insights into career opportunities for students with history degrees. The event is open to undergraduates and graduate students majoring or minoring in history--as well as students in other humanities disciplines and students undecided about their majors.

The keynote speaker this year was Emily Swafford , Director of the Career Diversity Initiative of the American Historical Association. Additional speakers included Kathryn Szumanski, Director of Professional Development, Office of Undergraduate Studies, Villanova University and History B.A. ('95) and M.A. ('97); Mark Kehres, Associate Director of Alumni & Parents, Haverford College and History M.A., Villanova ('08); and Alain Duroseau, Business Performance Advisor and History B.A., Villanova ('09). The speakers helped students see how the skills they gain through a history education translate into the workplace, as well as sharing the steps along their career paths that led them to where they are.

The American Historical Association is leading a nationwide initiative on Career Diversity for Historians. Resources include:

Additional career resources for historians may be found on the websites of the National Council on Public History and American Association for State and Local History.
Op-ed workshop
Historian Jonathan Zimmerman leads a workshop with faculty and graduate students at the Lepage Center, Jan. 31, 2019.
Historian Jonathan Zimmerman visited the Lepage Center on January 31st to lead a workshop for faculty and graduate students on how to write and place op-eds. Zimmerman stated that for him, op-ed writings help him improve his scholarship, are opportunities to share what he has learned, and are a way to give back to society. Zimmerman stressed the 4 P's of op-ed writing: punctual, pithy, prescriptive, and persistent. Op-eds must to be timely, short, make a recommendation, and writers must be persistent in pitching them to multiple outlets. A resource summarizing the workshop will be coming soon to our website.
Upcoming event: "The Venezuelan Crisis and U.S. Interventionism"
Wed. 2/13 @ 3:00 pm - West Lounge, Dougherty Hall, Villanova University
Villanova welcomes historian Alejandro Velasco of New York University for a conversation on the current crisis in Venezuela. Dr. Velasco will be joined in conversation by Villanova historian Cristina Soriano and Villanova international relations scholar Samer Abboud. Hosted by the Latin American Studies program at Villanova, the event is free and open to the public.
Will building a wall stop the drugs?
Historian Andrew Liu continues his column on Hindsights about the flow of opioids from China to the United States. The modern history of drugs and the broader history of globalization are basically co-extensive, Liu writes. Historical research can help us understand how, throughout the past, opium addiction has been embedded within broader political debates. A historical perspective suggests that physical barriers will do little to address the opioid crisis. Read the post >>
Weekly lunches continue
"Lunch @ Lepage"
Wednesdays at 12pm in the Lepage Center
Each week during the semester, the Lepage Center hosts weekly discussions on how history is utilized by political and societal leaders, reported in the news media, and responded to by historians. Open to all members of the Villanova community, we meet every Wednesday in the Lepage Center, SAC 410, at 12 pm. Please bring your lunch and join us! No RSVP necessary.
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