Haddam Historical Society
Thankful Arnold House Museum
October 9, 2020
News and Updates
Higganum Farmers Market
October 9, 2020
3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
The Haddam Historical Society will be at the Higganum Farmers Market, Friday, October 9 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. We will have local history books, 1874 map, gravestone t-shirts, and more! Stop by and say hello and support our mission to collect, promote, preserve and interpret!
Haddam History Scavenger Hunt
Thank you to everyone who participated in our History Scavenger Hunt and supported the Haddam Historical Society on Labor Day Weekend. We had over 40 teams partake and some had wonderful names such as "The Tire'd Cyclists", Lewis and Clark, Shoreline Sherlocks, Team Hooterville and The Honey Panda's.

Feedback was great and we plan on another town-wide scavenger hunt soon. Our grand prize winner was Isabelle O'Hara and her team which won an Essex Steam Train 4- person Rail Bike ride. Thank you to all the historic sites in town that shared their fascinating history and to our sponsors, Christopher Smith of Alter & Pearson, LLC and Central Systems, Inc of Higganum.
140 Dublin Hill Road UPDATE

As many of you may already know, the Haddam Planning and Zoning Commission denied the owners request to demolish the Leverett Spencer House at 140 Dublin Hill Road. The Delay of Demolition expires at the end of December and the Commission would like to see all alternatives to demolition explored before approving the application. This includes restoration, moving, dismantling and relocating to name a few options. The house is currently listed on Preservation Connecticut’s Historic Property Exchange and is available at no cost but interested parties must cover deconstruction and relocation expenses. 

There has been discussion by a group of local citizens who would like to see the building remain in Higganum and possibly be relocated to the Higganum Cove area to serve as a welcome center with informational, cultural and commercial functions such as hiking brochures, industrial history and kayak or bike rentals. Stay tuned!
Melissa Schlag
Last week former first selectman, Melissa Schlag passed away at the age of 46 after a four year battle with breast cancer. She was a good friend to the Haddam Historical Society and a great supporter of local history. As First Selectman she was instrumental in getting Haddam’s Delay of Demolition Ordinance passed and was a strong community advocate seeking to protect the environment and cultural assets. She was passionate and committed to her work and Haddam. She worked tirelessly on the stabilization of the Spencer’s Shad Shack last year before Covid-19 hit and was a driving force in its future as a cultural destination. She will be missed. 
History Tidbit
In 1912 Susie Avery (real name Susan Pearl Trafton) age 17 gave birth in the Haddam Jail to her daughter Eleanor Allen Trafton. Susie had been arrested for stealing a horse, carriage and household goods from her employer in Killingworth. She was arrested with her "husband" Carl Leonard, age 35 and his mother.

Baby Eleanor was the first child to be born at the Haddam Jail, which posed a problem for the jailer who didn't know how to handle having a newborn incarcerated. Sheriff Thompson made sure that Susie and her baby had quick and adequate medical care and were kept in the women's quarters where the guards and matrons spoiled them. Her cased was dismissed and she return to her family in Maine. Leonard and his mother were both convicted and served time in prison.
Susie "Avery" Pearl Trafton