Dr. Beebe performs area's first outpatient SI fusion surgery

Seaside Surgery Center surgeon-partner Paul E. Beebe, M.D. recently performed the first outpatient SI fusion surgeries in Southwest Florida. Dr. Beebe performed the minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures at the Naples-based ambulatory surgery center using the LinQ™ SI joint fusion system from PainTEQ™. Waiting to share the news until he had conducted 6-month follow-up visits, Dr. Beebe confirms that all six patients are "really happy" with the outcomes of the spinal fusion surgery, reporting an average of 80% reduction in their pain. "One of my patients, at the age of 90, is back on the golf course!" Dr. Beebe affirms.

"Outpatient SI joint fusion surgery with the LinQ™ system is conducted using a posterior (from the rear) approach, rather than the traditional lateral (from the side) approach. This approach means less disruption to the muscles and therefore a faster healing time," explains Dr. Beebe. 

Dr. Beebe also cautions that SI joint fusion surgery is conducted if a conservative course of treatment, such as medication, physical therapy, and injections, fails to provide pain relief. For more information on the procedure, contact Seaside at 239-592-4955 or request an appointment with Dr. Beebe.

What is SI joint fusion?

The sacroiliac joint is a low-motion joint that connects the hip bones to either side of the sacrum, acting primarily as a shock-absorber between the lower body and torso. This joint can also be thought of as the point where the base of the spine connects to the pelvis. The sacroiliac joint is a combination of a synovial joint and the sacroiliac ligaments.

In a sacroiliac joint fusion, one or both sides of the sacrum is grafted to the ilium to encourage bone growth across the joint. Fusion occurs during the healing process following the surgery, and is achieved using implanted instrumentation and/or a bone graft.

Learn more about sacroiliac fusion surgery here. Learn more about the LinQ system here.

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