March 2020
FEATURED TRIP: Cayman Brac - Only 3 spots left!
Thinking about a dive trip this summer? There are only 3 spots left on our summer Cayman Brac adventure!
We will be spending 7 nights at the Brac Beach Resort. Each room overlooks the beach with spacious accommodations and air conditioning. Everything is right at our fingertips: restaurant, beach, bar, and of course, diving!
Cayman Brac is known in the diving world for its lush reefs, legendary walls, bountiful marine life and wonderful visibility. You will find total relaxation with its laid-back Caribbean charm and beautiful beaches. Come join us for a week of fun, relaxation, great food and memorable diving.
To sign up for this trip, or ask any questions, give us a call at 303-220-8282 and ask for one of our travel specialists or click here for more information.
There’s a new GoPro! If you haven’t been in to check it out, come chat with our staff about the new Hero 8. And while you’re here, sign up for our April GoPro class.
Our Free* GoPro Class is filled with tips and tricks to help you shoot YouTube worthy dive videos on your next trip.
Join us to learn about settings, shooting techniques, mounts and accessories that will prepare you to start filming dive movies that your friends and family want to see.
This 2 hour classroom course includes:
  • GoPro basics to set up the perfect shot
  • Accessories that are worth investing in (and which are not!)
  • Best practices for underwater videography and photography
Course Date:
April 6 at 6:00pm
Bring your GoPro and a pad of paper and get ready to learn everything you need to know about your GoPro. Space is limited, so please click here to register.

Don't have a GoPro? The Hero8 will be on sale Mar. 6 - 15, 2020. Save $50 while getting the latest tech available from GoPro!
*Seminar is free if you have purchased your GoPro from One World Dive & Travel. Otherwise, cost is $25. Discussion will focus on the Hero8 and Hero7, but techniques are universal among all cameras.
Whether you’re visiting a familiar destination or checking out some place new, asking locals for recommendations is the best way to get the most current advice. A local divemaster might know about something to look for on the reef, and the crew may know the best new places to eat in town.
YOU'RE INVITED: 2nd Annual SCUBA Ski Day - March 15
Join One World Dive & Travel for a local adventure on March 15 th for our 2 nd annual SCUBA Ski Day at A-Basin. Look for us at The Beach (naturally) where we’ll be hanging out around table #7.
We'll start our morning with some light refreshments at The Beach before the slopes open, shred some gnar, then have lunch where we started. We’ll be on the slopes all day and would love to see you there!
Please note: lunch and drinks will not be provided. You are welcome to bring a sack lunch, cooler, drinks, etc. Glass is not allowed at The Beach.
If you don’t ski, you’re welcome to come hang out anyway and work on your tan.
Click here if you'd like to RSVP, but we'll have plenty of room for everyone!
New this summer, update your Rescue Diver skills with a Rescue Refresher. Rescue Diver is a favorite class for most of our instructors and students, and one of the best investments you can make to keep yourself and your dive buddies safe.

Unlike your Open Water dive skills, you probably aren’t using or practicing your rescue skills as often. That’s where our new Rescue Refresher comes in!

This 4 hour class will review and refresh the most important rescue skills so you can dive with confidence knowing you can look out for yourself and your buddies on your next trip. It’s also a great review for divers looking to start the Divemaster Program to make sure your skills are up to specs.

Cost of the class is $60.00.

Prerequisite: Must be a PADI certified Rescue diver or equivalent.

The next Rescue Refresher will be on Tuesday, June 23rd from 6:00 - 10:00pm. Call the shop at 303-220-8282.
The newest BCD from Aqualung is here, a totally customizable jacket style BCD. Here are some of its cool new features:
  • Completely customizable~ Using the same ModLock system that became popular with the Rogue and Outlaw BCDs, the Omni allows you to customize the shoulders, waist, and back plate for ultimate comfort.
  • Choose your color~ Add a personal touch to your Omni with custom colored weight pockets, zippers, and accents, available in blue, yellow, gray, turquoise, white, and pink.  
  • Easy to pack~ The modular system allows the jacket to be taken apart and packed flat for easy travel.
Swing by the store to check it out or try one on. If you're looking to upgrade an old BCD, this may be the jacket you’ve been waiting for!
Have you ever noticed levers or knobs on your regulator second stage and wondered what they do? You're not alone!

Your regulator may have a predive safety switch (called a venturi switch) or an adjustment knob, or both (or neither.) Using your regulator’s adjustment mechanism can significantly extend the life of your regulator, especially between services.
Pre-dive lever or switch: The pre-dive lever, sometimes referred to as a venturi switch or air channel deflector indicated with a + or - sign, affects the direction of air flow across your second stage. When in the closed, pre-dive or - position, the lever effectively blocks some air back towards the diaphragm, stopping the second stage from free flowing. This is useful before a dive to save air in case you, or someone else, bumps your regulator and causes it to free flow (ie: wasting your air.)

When you are ready to dive, flip the switch to the open, dive or the + position to provide unimpeded air flow. Don't worry if you forgot to "flip the switch" while you are diving. Although air will be slightly redirected, your breathing will not be negatively impacted.
When storing your gear, the position of the lever does not matter.
Adjustment knob: In contrast, the adjustment knob on your second stage increases or decreases your work of breathing. In the fully open (or unscrewed) position, air flows freely. As you screw the knob closed (or to the right), you increase how hard it is to pull air from your regulator. This is valuable if you want to dial in the regulator to what is comfortable to you, or if you are swimming against a current and your regulator is slightly leaking from the pressure of the water. As you dive deeper and air pressure increases, opening the knob allows for easier breathing.
When storing your gear, it is recommended that you keep the knob in the open, or unscrewed position (this is not critical for an Atomic regulator, but we'll save that explanation for another day). If it is stored in the closed position, it will prematurely wear a groove into the low pressure seat. Over time, this will lead to a small leak in your second stage.
If you have any questions, stop in to ask our staff. We want to make sure you understand your equipment to keep you safe and make your gear last for years of adventures! Better yet, take the Equipment class, where we teach you about how to best care for and diagnose small problems with your gear.
POOL NIGHT ~ Whether you have 10 dives logged or 1,000, all divers should jump in the water to refresh and review the skills from the Open Water certification. We offer a couple of ways to review depending on your experience
The pool will be available from 6:00-9:00 pm on the following nights:

  • March 19th
  • April 17th
  • May 11th
  • June 18th
Click here to register today!
Rather have an instructor help evaluate your skills to make sure you're actually doing it correctly? Then our Scuba Refreshers are the choice for you!

SCUBA REFRESHERS ~ If it’s been longer than 2 years since your last dive, then you’ll need a SCUBA REFRESHER. In this four hour class, instructors will share practical tips from their personal experience of diving and jump in the water with you to make sure you are comfortable setting up your gear, controlling your buoyancy and review your emergency skills. The class is offered three times each month, and is often required by a resort if you haven't been diving in a year. If you have been out of the water for longer than 10 years, you will need to schedule this class privately.
Call the shop at 303-220-8282 for more information or click here for information on our upcoming SCUBA Refresher courses.
As we are all aware, COVID-19 is present in Colorado. Knowing our students, staff and customers safety is of our utmost priority, we have increased our frequency of disinfecting all rental, service and sales equipment in compliance with Divers Alert Network, CDC and Tri-County Health recommendations. Now go wash your hands!