30 days on the job...

Dear Kronda,

I just had to do a double-take at that number. I cannot believe it's already been a month since the election! But your new HD-65 team has been hard at work, without a moment to spare. Here are a few highlights:

I've been down to Austin twice, and just finished a full week of "Freshman Orientation" for the new members of the Texas Legislature. The days were packed from sunrise to sundown, with workshops, training, and meeting my new colleagues.

Did you know that 30 members of the 88th Legislature are new this year? And 25 of us are "true freshmen"; in other words, we are not returning after a hiatus, or previously sworn in after a special election.

I'm excited to share that I'll be in Capitol Office E.1.216! We also got our official House photos taken, drew ping-pong balls to decide order of seniority, and selected our desks on the House floor. I was thrilled to have my husband Jeff at my side, for some of these events; I cannot overstate my gratitude for his support and patience through these last three years on the campaign trail, and it was a treat for him to be in Austin to share some of the new experiences with me.

I've also hired a Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, and District Director, and I'll introduce them to you very soon. We're already working on plans for the 88th session, which begins in just about a month. This is a great team and we are so ready to serve the people of House District 65!

I'll share more news next week, including some area holiday events and important legislative dates to save. I hope you and your family enjoyed a relaxing and resplendent Thanksgiving.

P.S. Part of winding up our campaign is paying the last few bills, and looking ahead to spring expenses. Our legislative budgets for operations are pretty lean, but I want to be able to pay staff fairly and make sure I can cover incidentals like Austin travel.

Appreciate whatever you can give to help with expenses!

Please note: I can't accept any donations after December 10 due to House ethics rules, but if you can contribute before then, I would be grateful for your help in getting our team ready for the session!

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