July 1st, 2018

Beijing Fulei Tech Co. Ltd., based in Beijing, recently introduced “Three Go,” which it describes as a self-service convenience store. The machine uses global “cloud magnetic” identification technology to enable transactions in three seconds.

The Three Go also uses Internet of Things, cloud service management and biometric identification technologies. The motorless shelves can be adjusted to accommodate different product sizes.

 The system features a touchpad that consumers can use to make purchases from the machine. They can also place orders online and retrieve them at the machines using a one-time code.

The control system tracks product purchases and can provide data for daily operation and product management.

The machine accepts Alipay, WeChat and other forms of mobile and electronic payment.

Zytronic, a manufacturer of projected capacitive touch technology, has introduced its ZXY500 controllers to improve compatibility with contactless payment systems and provide better access to disabled users. The new ZXY500 controllers support payments, customer tracking and battery charging technologies.

The controllers have signal-to-noise ratios and algorithms that change to reject electromagnetic interference in the operating environment, as RFID, NFC and Qi phone charging all generate wireless signals that can interfere with the operation of conventional touchscreens. Zytronic tested each of these technologies with the ZXY500 controller to prove they can be implemented close to an active touch area without compromising the touchscreen’s performance.

Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS), a product design and development firm, partnered with ZX Ventures, a division of AB InBev, to design and develop an Internet connected beer vending machine that dispenses cans of cold beer and accepts major credit cards and mobile wallets.

Called BeerBox, ZX Ventures plans to roll out these first-of-a-kind connected machines later this year at concert and sports venues.

The BeerBox dispenses opened cans of chilled beer. Future versions of the machine will enable customers to select their beer of choice using a touchscreen interface.

The BeerBox has cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for payment processing, transaction reporting and maintenance functions, and GPS to provide machine locations.

The BeerBox makes it more convenient to purchase beer and can help concessioners improve sales.

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