Group photo at Kuugjuaq in 1997. Back row (left to right): Sammy Ahegona Amegainik, Eva Nakoyak, David Potomegaktok Kaosoni, Emily Angulaalikkaak Angulalik (packing Kaotak), Martha Makok Angulalik, Sam Itkilik, Mackie Kaosoni, Dennis Maffiakyuk Kaosoni, Annie Algoknalok Kaosoni, Jared Metkoenek Angulalik, Desmond Kaosoni, Mary Anakaknek Kaotalok. Front row (left to right): Norma Evalik, Lena Ototak Evalik, Kahak Ulikatak, Peter Apiana, Susie Anaijak Apiana, Annie Angulaalik Magaknak, Martha Kogvik, Donald Kogvik, James Taipana, Mabel Ekvana Angulalik, James Mitik Panioyak, Bessie Kingmigot, Emily Halgiohi Haloktalik, Kyle Koaha Amegainik, Dennis Mahik Kaomayok.
On March 6, 1996 the Kitikmeot Heritage Society was officially incorporated. 

As we reflect on the last 25 years and look at what we hope to be our legacy 25 years from now, the renewal of Inuinnaqtun continues to be our number one priority. Today, we reconfirmed our commitment to reawakening our language and culture through two major announcements:

To mark the milestone of our 25th anniversary, we have set a goal to raise $250,000 for Inuinnaqtun renewal over the course of the year with the Akhuuqhimajara Inuinnaqtun / I'm all in for Inuinnaqtun campaign. The campaign starts TODAY and will run until March 5, 2022! Stand with us to support healing through the revitalization of our language and culture.

To celebrate our growing community of supporters, we are also launching the Kivgaqtuiniq Circle.

In Inuinnaqtun, Kivgaqtuiniq means ‘serving one another’. This community is made up of like-minded people and organizations who are committed to ensuring that Inuinnaqtun survives and thrives for generations to come. The amount you contribute is up to you. We welcome supporters at any gift level. 

Learn more about the Circle.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in bringing the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society to life from its beginnings over 25 years ago, and to all those who have sustained it since. Our success is the result of a diverse community, and if you are reading this newsletterthat means you too!

Every interaction with us, whether as an Elder sharing their knowledge, a program participant, one of our partners, or as someone reading about us from afar and sharing our message and work with others, means so much. We are incredibly grateful for all of your support and could not do this without you.
Looking back at a few highlights from the last 25 years...
Inuinnaqtun Renewal
One of the main reasons that the Kitikmeot Heritage Society came to be was because there were so few resources in Inuinnaqtun or of interest to Inuinnait. Our founding Board members started conducting oral history interviews and collecting photographs in the early 90s. What began with interviews in the Library, turned into long-term projects to map Inuinnaqtun place names, create exhibits that celebrate our culture, and provide Inuinnaqtun immersion opportunities.
Land Camps
Over the years, so much of our programming has happened at land camps. During warmer months with endless sun, being out on the land is a way to reconnect, celebrate our culture, and learn traditional skills and activities.

Reminisce about past trips through video footage here.
We are committed to documenting and preserving Inuinnait knowledge, as well as creating opportunities for cultural and artistic knowledge to be shared and transmitted to the next generations.

Browse through workshops we have run over our history here.
Archaeological Projects
We have combined oral history with archaeology to help us understand our history. Since 1999, our work in this area has involved close collaboration between archaeologists, researchers, Elders, traditional knowledge holders, as well as the participation of Cambridge Bay youth and graduate students. This work has focused on working with Elders to interpret sites and artifacts, and record oral traditions about Inuinnait life in the area. 

Learn more about archaeology here.
Oral Heritage Interviews
Over the years, we have continued to conduct oral history interviews to record the intangible memories and experiences of our Elders and the knowledge, values, beliefs, and practices that are the foundation of Inuinnait culture. These interviews are part of a permanent record of documented traditional knowledge to help current and future generations reconnect to and maintain Inuinnait culture.

Watch more interviews here.

Visit www.kitikmeotheritage.ca to learn more about us and the important work that we do. 

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We're a leader for culture and heritage in Nunavut, guided by an Inuinnaq Executive Director and Inuinnait Board. We address projects of critical importance to the revival of Inuit culture, language and history and focus on the critical needs of Inuinnait—a distinct regional group of Inuit living in the Central Canadian Arctic.

MISSION To preserve and renew Inuinnait knowledge, language and culture for the benefit of all Inuit.

VISION To concentrate and connect the resources, expertise and technology critical to Inuinnait cultural and linguistic survival.