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Did Santa Deliver All My Specimens?
Some days it may seem like we’re on Santa’s naughty list, particularly when specimens go missing! There’s a lot that can happen between point A and point B, which is why it pays (actually, it saves!) to implement an automated specimen tracking solution.

In this month’s blog we discuss why specimens go missing, how to handle a missing specimen, and how MCE can help prevent lost specimens.  
Stranded Courier? We've got an app for that.
When one of your couriers has an issue on the road, whether their vehicle breaks down or they get into an accident, you need to come to their rescue. Part of the rescue includes picking up where they left off on their route. Without an automated tracking system, it can be difficult to (a) locate the courier if they’re unable to contact the dispatcher, and (b) figure out what stops need to be completed on their route.

With MCE, couriers can immediately notify you of trouble, and with MCE’s GPS tracking system, you’ll instantly know their location so you can send a back-up courier and transfer the remaining specimens all while getting your courier to safety.

Learn more about the benefits of MCE’s GPS tracking in our blog. 

Preparing For A New Year
If cost savings and improving operating efficiency are on your wish list for 2020, then talk with us about the benefits of MCE for your lab. From reducing fuel costs with route optimization, to increasing productivity and gaining credibility with your customers, MCE is loaded with benefits and so easy to integrate.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to schedule a demo for your lab administrators and we’ll show you how easy specimen tracking and courier routing can be.  
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