Hello friends of Millay!

We have one more Workshop for 2014. Hoa Nguyen will lead a Master Class on the uses of influence in poetry. We will read, write, and adventure together...all at the amazing DUMBO/SKY in Brooklyn.

Hoa Nguyen is a dazzlingly smart and brilliant teacher and poet alike. We are closing the year with a deliriously great finale.

All in a gorgeous Brooklyn setting overlooking the East River. Discounts available. Tune in. Turn on. Join us. 
xox, your friends at The Millay Colony
More Than Imitation: A Master Writing Class on "Influence" and "Writing After"

with Hoa Nguyen
November 15-16
10 AM to 2:30 PM

In this workshop we will closely read poetry as sources and departure points for our own writing. What exactly happens in interesting language? Our focus will include noticing technical writing strategies: sonic arrays and patterns, the visual aspect of verse lines, rhetorical devices, and the tensions of meanings. Part forensic study and part improvisational writing, this workshop will have us writing after works by Lorine Niedecker, Sei Shonegon, Charles Olson, Joanne Kyger, Alice Notley, Ted Berrigan, Gertrude Stein, and more. The workshop will close with an intensive rewrite & revision component.



For details and information on how to apply visit www.millaycolony.org/workshops


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