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April 11, 2014

Greetings Pinball Fans,   


We had a great time at the Michigan Pinball Expo this past weekend! JJP Distributor, Abel Electronics had 3 WOZ Pinball Machines in their booth which remained extremely crowded throughout the weekend.    


Jack and Butch will be heading to the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown this weekend where they will be speaking on Saturday, April 12th at 2:00pm. For more information on this show, visit -

The Midwest Gaming Classic is also this weekend! JJP Distributor, KingPin will be at the show with 2 WOZ Pinballs in their booth. For more info on the Midwest Gaming Classic, visit 

John Kosmal, Gary of Abel Electronics, Jack and Butch Peel at MPE 


Pinball Earnings Rankings from April 2014 Play Meter Magazine - WOZ Ranked #1



Crowds at Michigan Pinball Expo 

We are very excited to release an early version shooting whitewood of The Hobbit Pinball Machine! There is much more not revealed including JJP's proprietary target banks as several of them are not populated into this earlier whitewood. Also not shown is Smaug and how he will integrate with game play.  


"Joe Balcer created another great game with a lot to shoot for and a lot of challenges. This is a Pinball Battle game" said Jack. The level of player control and strategy in The Hobbit is a departure from what WOZ is. Between Keith and Ted, we can promise a game packed with the depth, modes, and rules that they are well known for.


Early Version Whitewood - The Hobbit Pinball Machine - JJP
Video 1 - Early Version Whitewood - The Hobbit Pinball Machine
Be sure to set video quality to 1080p

Early Version Whitewood - The Hobbit Pinball Machine
Video 2 - Early Version Whitewood - The Hobbit Pinball Machine
Be sure to set video quality to 1080p

Also, see below for a another LCD Animation clip JP DeWin has been working on!

Hobbit Pinball - LCD Animation
Hobbit Pinball - LCD Animation

ECLE WOZ Owners, Brian and Denise Hein just picked up #822 at the factory today!

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