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October 2, 2015

Greetings Pinball Fans, 

Here's a video of Hobbit playfields being clear coated. Hundreds of these Hobbit playfields are on the way to us from Mirco as we receive the final parts we need for production.


Please see below for a video of Match on Hobbit as well as the Splash Screen for the Smaug Gold Special Edition.

  Be sure to set Quality to 720p HD for Optimal Viewing

Below is a photo of one of many hanging samples in progress that are being put together for each station on the assembly line.

Pinball Expo is less than 2 Weeks Away! Thursday, October 15th is the Jersey Jack Pinball Fireside Chat with Jack & the JJP Design Team including legendary Pinball Designer, Pat Lawlor. For more information on the show, visi t http://pinballexpo.com/ 
We will be sponsoring our Annual Dinner during Pinball Expo at Buca di Beppo across the street from the hotel in Wheeling @ 7:00 pm on Friday, October 16th. This dinner will be limited to the first 30 people who e mail Jen (Jen@JerseyJackPinball.com) Cost will be $30 a head which we will donate to benefit the Pinball  Expo "Make-A-Wish" Charity Auction. Pay that night.

We are currently Beta Tesing New WOZ Code which will include the release of Pindemption™Code, Multiball add-a-ball & resurrection, 2 different extra balls added, 11-letter high score names, bug fixes, and more. This will be available for download very soon!      


"Pinball Machine and Redemption System" Patent was recently Granted to JJP. Patent 9,132,341 B2 was Granted on September 15, 2015. This Patent enables Jersey Jack Pinball to innovate Pinball games and features to a place where Pinball has never been before. It has taken many years and much effort but this will make Pinball even more relevant and exciting to play for many generations to come. Through Pindemption
and the Redemption Center in the Cloud ™ operating Jersey Jack Pinball machines on commercial locations will be colossal.

75th Anniversary Wizard of Oz Pinball - We currently have a limited number of 75th Anniversary & Standard Wizard of Oz Pinball Machines IN STOCK and ready to Ship! 75th Anniversary WOZs now automatically include our Trademarked award-winning INVISIGLASS™ ($295 value), and a WOZ Printed Game Manual ($100 Value), as well as a Shaker Motor. Questions - Jen@JerseyJackPinball.com -  http://www.jerseyjackpinball.com/wizard-of-oz-75th-anniversary-edition / 

Hobbit Pinball Translites are Now for Sale! In Stock! All will come signed by Jack and Shipping is Included in the Continental USA - Follow Link to Place your Order - https://store.jerseyjackpinball.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=62&product_id=73 
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