BC Hockey, in partnership with the Prince George Youth Soccer Association, will be hosting a multi-sport camp on Friday, November 29, 2019. Kids will work on their hockey and soccer skills in developing them to become an overall better athlete.

Spots are limited, so don't delay!
Elite athletes like Sidney Crosby, Marie-Philip Poulin, Christine Sinclair and Russell Wilson grew up playing multiple sports and are advocates for all youth to play more than one (1) sport.

The Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model focuses on multi-sport participation and states:

  1. Children who specialize in a single sport account for 50 per cent of overuse injuries in young athletes according to pediatric orthopedic specialists.
  2. A study by the Ohio State University found that children who specialized early in a single sport led to higher rates of adult physical inactivity. Those who commit to one (1) sport at a young age are often the first to quit and suffer a lifetime of consequences.
  3. Early specialization in a single sport is one of the strongest predictors of injury. Athletes in the study who specialized were 70 to 93 per cent more likely to be injured than children who played multiple sports.
  4. Children who specialize early are at a far greater risk for burnout due to stress, decreased motivation and lack of enjoyment.
  5. Early specialization in female adolescents is associated with increased risk of anterior knee pain disorders compared to multi-sport athletes and may lead to higher rates of future ACL tears.
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