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IC Bus makes ESC Standard!
IC Bus, the leading school bus manufacturer and subsidiary of Navistar, has made
electronic stability control (ESC) and collision mitigation technology standard on its
CE Series and RE Series school buses with air brakes, making IC Bus the first original equipment maker (OEM) to offer these features as standard on school buses.
A few weeks ago, the Today Show reached out to IC Bus about doing a feature on the new safety technology that they now offer as standard on all school bus models - electronic stability control and collision mitigation. Check out this feature by Jeff Rossen that aired on the Today Show! Also, a special thanks to Bendix, for supplying this technology and working with IC on the demo!

To view video, click here
To view full press release, click here
Marc Steele
Marc has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2002 and is our Northern Iowa School Bus Salesman.

Cell: 641.512.3854
Danny Thede
Danny has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2015 and is our Southern Iowa School Bus Salesman.

Cell: 641.750.6428
Brian Watley
Brian has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2017 and is our Sales Manager.

Direct: 763.271.8750
Cell: 612.940.3477
Trade Shows

July 15 - 17, 2019
Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
Hoglund Bus is offering an exclusive extended confidence service program. Eligible to Hoglund Bus customers directly through Hoglund on specs listed below.
For questions, please contact Chris Sexton,
  • Pre-DOT Inspection - 6 month cross fluid contamination check - 6 month pre-DOT inspection. *Vehicle must be brought to a Hoglund Bus location
* Turbo Injectors
* High pressure system EGR cooler
* Lubrication system
Contact Hoglund for a list of all covered parts

Program Details
• Upon registration of these contracts, any existing engine warranty will expire.
• Contract starts at date of delivery to end-user. Example: End-user receives full 12-month coverage from the date unit is received.
• Clean Health Report visible in Service Portal, free from active engine fault codes and/or open recall’s/AFC’s.
• DOT Inspection with recommended repairs and cost/estimate.
* See around entire motor making it easier to perform repairs and pre trip inspections
* No locking bar needed to keep hood up – no slam design
* No tool required for replacing the headlights or air cleaner
* Premium hoses and Constant torque clamps - standard
* 16 gauge side sheets – staggered rivet pattern
* 1 piece rub rails with steel formed ends – fully sealed at top
* 3 rub rails at rear of bus for added protection
* No external hinges
* Updated passenger windows
* Flat rear door – hinges at top and bottom – greese-able
* Manual reset circuits – standard
* Full thermo windows in entrance door – standard
* Rubber mud flaps – standard
* Full sound abatement package - standard
* Chemguard – metal treatment applied before undercoating
* Steel fuel cage – no matter the fuel
* 10 cross members (8- Blue Bird, 7 – Thomas)
* Updated hydraulic brakes
* Eaton transmission (Cummins) Alison transmission (PSI) 7 year warranty included!
* Switch placement forward of driver
* Step well: Pebble tread with flex coating inside and out. Not built like a spiral staircase – steps are even height and width
* Child check system – not aftermarket
* Light check feature
* Premium drivers chair
* Students seats
* Seat belt ready – upgradable anytime to 2 point, 3 point and child restraint
* Modesty panels left and right – standard
* Full vinyl floor – not rubber
* Clipboard storage and cup holder - standard
* Front bulkhead storage- standard
Our Parts Department carries an extensive inventory of “All Makes” products and can supply everything needed to keep your vehicles running smoothly. Our goal is to make ordering parts as easy as possible! Contact Dan today to place your order 641.351.7650.
Orders of $250.00 or more will receive free shipping!*
*Freight charges (truck) are excluded
Al Lucas
Iowa Parts Sales
C: 641.750.8332
Contact Dan for your parts needs: 641.351.7650
comes with 2 blades and module
Crystal clear automatic heated wiper blades* are the world’s first automatic heated wiper blades. Easy-to-use with no switches required, the complete system turns on by detecting when the vehicle is running and when it is cold outside. The wiper blades quickly heat up to 150ºF, preventing snow and ice from building up on the surface of the blade, thus providing you with a clear view. The heated blades are also more pliable (soft) when it is cold out, which means it completely cleans your windshield when activated.
Lower Body Repair Panel
Galvannealed Steel
96"L x 20"W with a 1" 90 º lip
Part #: 96X20
$89.00 ea.
3 Window Ribbed Side Panel
84 1/2" x 16"
Part #: 423111003HOG
$139.99 ea.
Fleetrite DEF
2.5 Gallons
Part #: FLTFP DEF2.5
$9.49 ea.
Bergstrom Booster Pump
with 90 º inlet
Part #: 1099319
$83.85 ea.
Keeps wiper blades clear of snow and ice.
Part #: SKR002
$64.99 ea.
Our Service Department specializes in the repair of medium duty trucks, school buses and commercial buses. We are an authorized Allison, Arboc SV, Braun Ability, Carrier, Collins Bus, Champion Bus, Cummins Engine, IC Bus, International, Glaval Bus, Ricon Lifts and TurtleTop service center. Our technicians are factory trained, ASE Certified, Master Certified and Diamond Certified in order to assist with all repairs and maintenance of your fleet. Our technicians are required to continue with ongoing classes and training.
Tech Specialist, Doug Yager
Doug Yager has been working with Hoglund Bus Company since 2007 and is our Diamond Certified Tech Specialist. Since 1978 Doug has been involved with the repair of fleets and has continued ongoing training to stay up to date with the ever changing industry and diagnostics of Navistar products.
D: 763.271.2982 E:
Mobile Service
Hoglund Bus Co. offers mobile service. If you can't make it to us, we'll come to you! To schedule your mobile service appointment, contact Greg Waters.
D: 641.351.7646 E:
Did you know that Hoglund Bus Company is an Authorized Dealer for Cummins Engine Warranty? This includes all IC, Bluebird and Thomas buses that have Cummins engines.
Service Spotlight - iKNow article: IK0400056
Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Temperature Stabilization Feature
Warranty Statement:
The information in this document has no effect on present warranty coverage or repair practices, nor does it authorize TRP or campaign actions.
Products Affected:
  • ISB6.7 CM2250
  • ISB6.7 CM2350 B101
  • B6.7 CM2350 B121B
  • ISC CM2250
  • ISL CM2250
  • ISL9 CM2350 L101

  • L9 CM2350 L116B
  • L9 CM2350 L123B
  • ISX12 CM2250
  • ISX12 CM2350 X102
  • ISX15 CM2250
  • ISX15 CM2350 X101
Frequent need for stationary regeneration or excessive regeneration in low duty cycle or stop/go applications, such as refuse truck, feedlot truck, school bus, shuttle/transit bus, delivery truck, yard spotter, mixer, utility truck and so forth.

Root Cause:
With the Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Temperature Stabilization feature disabled, active regeneration of the aftertreatment diesel particulate filter (DPF) is inhibited until the vehicle reaches 40 mph. Active regeneration will abort when the vehicle speed falls below the Automotive Mobile Regeneration Minimum Vehicle Speed threshold. Active regeneration will remain inhibited until the vehicle reaches 40 mph again.

• The Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Temperature Stabilization feature has been released to improve the ability for low duty cycle and stop/go applications to actively regenerate the aftertreatment DPF during normal operation.
• The Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Treatment Stabilization feature is a user-selectable feature in INSITE™ electronic service tool.
• When enabled, the Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Temperature Stabilization feature will change the start of regeneration threshold to be 0.6 mph above the Automotive Mobile Regeneration Minimum Vehicle Speed threshold versus the 40 mph standard start of regeneration threshold. The Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Temperature Stabilization feature also allows the system to inject low amounts of fuel to keep the aftertreatment DPF warm when the vehicle speed drops below the Minimum Vehicle Speed threshold. This prevents the regeneration from aborting and allows the regeneration to continue once the vehicle speed exceeds the Minimum Vehicle Speed threshold.
• If Automotive Mobile Regeneration Minimum Vehicle Speed is set to 0 mph, active regeneration is not inhibited due to vehicle speed and the use of the Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Temperature Stabilization feature is unnecessary.

Source: Cummins Technical Service Bulletin - TSB170058
Service Special: $150.00 for programming
(includes ECM updates)
Quick Start Guide for OnCommand Link
Initial Setup
Before you start:
• Personal Device Setup: Have a sufficient battery on your personal device to monitor the flashing process.
• 25+ Minutes: Allow for at least 25 minutes without interruptions to complete the vehicle programming process.
• Level, Safe Location: Ensure that the vehicle is level and parked in a safe location for the entire duration of the update process.
• 12.5 to 15.5 Volts: Ensure the vehicle has sufficient battery power while the vehicle programming is in process.
• Parking Brake: Set the parking brake throughout the vehicle programming process.
Step 1: Plug in OnCommand® Link to Vehicle
2. Plug OnCommand® Link into the vehicle 9-pin diagnostic port.
3. Confirm green PWR light is ON.
4. WAIT for about 4 minutes for device to boot up and listen for 2 beeps.
5. Confirm the amber APP light is ON.

Step 2: Connect Personal Device to OnCommand® Link
Have the sticker with the SSID and password available for the following:
1. Open the network settings on your personal device.
2. Select the network name that contains the last 8 digits of the SSID provided or last 9 of VIN.
3. Enter the password provided.

Step 3: Connect OnCommand® Link to Internet
1. Open a web browser.
2. Enter: to open the OnCommand® Link web app.
3. Go to: MENU>Network Settings; select your Wi-Fi network. If prompted, log into your network.
4. Click Save. WAIT for the settings to take effect.
Note: If connection is lost, between the personal device and the link, repeat Step 2: Connect Personal Device to OnCommand® Link.

Step 4: Over-the-Air Programming
1. Connect using Step 2: Connect Personal Device to OnCommand® Link section.
2. For Cummins Engines, perform ‘Step 4A: Update Cummins Engines’.
3. In the Available Update screen, click Update Calibration to initiate software update.
4. Read the pop-up warning window and click Accept.
5. Wait for the Engine Calibration Up-to-Date message to confirm successful update.

Step 4A: Update Cummins Engines
Note: The update process is divided into four phases. Do not disconnect the OnCommand® Link from the vehicle during this process.
1. Perform Step 3: Connect OnCommand® Link to internet, to check for updates.
2. If you see a message Engine Calibration up-to-date, there is no update available.
3. Otherwise, the OnCommand® Link application page will indicate the update process and provide instructions.
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