February 2018 School Bus Flyer
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Minnesota's Driver Appreciation Day
Wednesday, February 28th
There will be many events happening throughout MN.
The MAPT announced the theme for this year's event is 'Celebrating our Humble Heroes.' We think this theme is fitting for school bus drivers who work hard each day to keep kids safe. 
At 10 am on February 28th, a press conference will be held in the Twin Cities which will include remarks from a school superintendent, a principal, a State legislator, a State Patrol official, and others. At the event, students and parents will hand out food and beverages to school bus drivers to show gratitude for the work they do each day. Exceptional school bus drivers will also be recognized at this event. If you know of any exceptional school bus drivers in your community who should be recognized, email Kate Braun at Kate@GoffPublic.com . This press conference is just one component of what we hope will be a large-scale day of appreciation across Minnesota.
IC Bus University Dates Announced
Dates for this year's IC University are listed below. Training will be held in Tulsa, OK at the IC Factory. This five day training includes a Tulsa bus plant tour and comprehensive training on parts, service and maintenance. Please contact your Hoglund Bus sales rep for more details including cost and registration.
WAVE 1: June 11 - 15, 2018
WAVE 2: June 25 - 29, 2018
WAVE 3: July 9 - 13, 2018
WAVE 4: August 6 - 10, 2018
Randy Johnson
N. MN Sales
C: 612.850.5839
Doug Erdmann
Metro MN Sales
C: 612.756.3335
Kevin Schmidt
S. MN Sales
C: 612.819.6017
Chris Sexton
Used Inventory Manager
D: 763.271.2974
Brian Watley
Sales Manager
D: 763.271.8750
C: 612.940.3477
If you are headed to San Antionio for the
NSBA Annual Conference, visit us at booth 931.

Brian Glenney - brianglenney@hoglundbus.com
Specializing in IC and Collins buses, we offer school buses from 10 to 90 passenger, CE (conventional), RE (rear engine), Type A and lift buses. Check out our extensive inventory of new and used buses.
Hoglund Bus is offering an exclusive extended confidence service program. Eligible to Hoglund Bus customers directly through Hoglund for in-stock, used school buses only. Contact your salesman for complete details and eligibility.

MODELS: BE, CE, RE (school application) Excludes commercial models
MODEL YEAR: 2011 - 2015
REGION: USA operations only

• Upon registration of these contracts, any existing engine warranty will expire.
• Contract starts at date of delivery to end-user. Example: End-user receives full 12-month coverage from the date unit is received.
• Clean Health Report visible in Service Portal, free from active engine fault codes and/or open recall’s/AFC’s.
Our Parts Department carries an extensive inventory of “All Makes” products and can supply everything needed to keep your vehicles running smoothly. We also offer daily delivery to local and metro areas in Minnesota. Our goal is to make ordering parts as easy as possible! Contact us today to place your order! 800.866.3104
Jim Lanz
C: 763.213.3531
Greg Weitzel
C: 612.812.9421
Mick Maher
C: 612.756.0990
We are planning another fishing theme giveaway in the spring with your parts purchase. Let your salesman know what you’d like to see for a giveaway.
Upgrade your hydraulic brake system to DOT 4 fluid for better water absorption, higher working temperatures, and less problems.

Part Number: ZDEM4532

Ask your parts sales representative for the sale price of just $5.58 per quart.
“School” Sign Cover
$82.06 2 PER BUS
Part Number: 9X255
Part Number: 9X255ADA
Attach to handle for easy sign placement on top of bus.
Our Service Department specializes in the repair of medium duty trucks, school buses and commercial buses. We are an authorized Allison, Arboc SV, Braun Ability, Carrier, Collins Bus - REV Group, Champion Bus - REV Group, Cummins Engine, IC Bus, International Truck, Glaval Bus, Ricon Lifts and TurtleTop service center. Our technicians are factory trained, ASE Certified, Master Certified and Diamond Certified in order to assist with all repairs and maintenance of your fleet. Our technicians are required to continue with ongoing classes and training.
Tech Specialist, Doug Yager
Doug Yager has been working with Hoglund Bus Company since 2007 and is our Diamond Certified Tech Specialist. Since 1978 Doug has been involved with the repair of fleets and has continued ongoing training to stay up to date with the ever changing industry and diagnostics of Navistar products.
D: 763.271.2982 E: service@hoglundbus.com
Mobile Service
Hoglund Bus Co. offers mobile service throughout Minnesota. If you can't make it to us, we'll come to you! To schedule your mobile service appointment, contact Tom Paulson.
D: 763.271.2962 E: mobileadvisor@hoglundbus.com
Service Spotlight
Bus Passenger Window Troubleshooting
Applies To: Bus windows built after 4/17/17
iKNow Article: IK2200137
Emergency Exit Windows-Handle is hard to open and close. May feel like it is binding or operating irregularly.

WD-40® Specialist® DIRT & DUST RESISTANT DRY LUBE PTFE SPRAY or an equivalent PTFE dry lubricant can be used. Purchase locally.
Is the handle (see figure 1) on the emergency exit window harder than normal to operate. May feel like it is binding or operating irregularly. Cold weather may also impact ability to open. if yes, apply dry lubricant as illustrated in repair steps below.
1.Open window

2.Slide retainer tabs down

3.Apply lubricant in the area shown by the arrow in Figure 2, for both the upper and lower retainer tabs.
4.Move retainer tabs up and down as shown here, to allow lubricant to enter mechanism.

5. Apply lubricant to area shown below in Figure 3, the cover does not have to be removed
6. Move handle catch up and down, to allow lubricant to enter mechanism 
7. Close window
8. Wait 30 seconds after closing window and operate window normally 
9. If an excess of lubricant is present, it can be cleaned by using a clean rag that is moistened with soapy water (dilute a tea spoon of Dawn dishwater soap into a gallon of water). Wipe excess away and then rewipe with a dry clean rag. DO NOT wipe inside or around switch area (figure 3 item 1).
Congratulations to THERESA KLATT
Theresa is our Unsung Hero for 2017! She goes about her business with a high level of professionalism and is hardly noticed for it. She is a dedicated employee, shows concern for the company, and steps up when needed. She works hard to collect over $12mil in receivables each year from customers and does it in a way that makes customers feel taken care of. She also works with the parts and service departments to correct billing issues and issue warranty credits. In addition to accounts receivable, she is also tasked with managing the sales tax procedures for over 70 different taxing jurisdictions in IA, MN & WI and has become an expert in sales tax regulations.
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