Who is holding you accountable? Make sure you are tracking your marketing efforts and holding yourself to the same or higher standards you would expect from someone else.

Get a friend: Have a quick meeting weekly, bi-weekly, monthly with a fellow agent or friend and hold each other accountable. These don't have to be 2+ hour meetings, they can be 20 minutes or less! Have coffee or lunch and share some ideas!

Don't have someone you want to turn to? Call us! (800) 689-2800

Keep track: Use the templates (or do a Google search if you want 10,000 different options) and track your results to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and keep you on track!
Did you miss the National Senior Sales Summit? Want a deeper dive into the break outs? You are in luck!

We have 4 more live events scheduled for this week and next!
Wednesday May 30th - Seminars
Thursday May 31st - Referrals
Wednesday June 6th - Retention
Thursday June 7th - Online Presence

You only need to register once to attend one or all the above!
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