Thanks for taking a coffee break with us!
Here are your left over grounds...
Thank you to all those who attended the Sales Summit!  It was truly a pleasure and honor to meet you there!

This week we talked about using what you have learned at the Summit and applying it in the field to grow your business.
Your challenge:  Write down 3 things you are going to do differently or apply that you learned at the Sales Summit.  

"But Mike, I didn't go to the summit!"  No problem, we are going to have post Summit webinars next month!  You can always call your Sales Director @ SMS for some insight...that is my subtle way to say call...(800) now...go on...

Due to some tech issues, no video this week.  :(

Did you see how the new Medicare ID Numbers are being created?  Check out talkingMEDICARE by Dan!   CLICK HERE

We are changing books!
"The Buddha Walks into a Bar" by Lodro Rinzler
We are going more "spiritual" this time
The average employee reads less than one book a year, the average CEO reads close to 60.  Whose income would you rather have?

Starting Next Week (June 6th) at 11:00am (CST) we are starting the Medicare Cafe Brunch Club.  This will be an accountability group to make sure we are all on track.

Even if you cannot make it, register for the post emails with notes and any resources discussed!


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