The Chrystalline Web
Holding the Soul of the World
Through the
The Web of Chrystalline Light
When we made the choice to incarnate at this time, there were questions that we answered and intentions that we made to stand in the center of duality and come forth as a way-shower of Peace. When we made the decision to come forth, our choice was relevant to what we now find in the world, in our country, in our states, and in our personal life situations.
In this decision, our soul reminds us that we came to hold the field of union for ourselves, for each person we know, and in each situation that develops in the world around us. We hold this field as an indication of what we know is the Truth.
As we hold Union regardless of the situation, this brings us first to our center, our core, and to the no-thing space, the space of being.
When we are clear, present and totally open in this space of being, we act as a Vessel of Light, Order, Truth and Union. We understand that we do not take sides. We do not participate in the right or wrong of the moment or need assurance from the outside that we are safe, secure and connected.

Recent messages from spirit confirm the shadows arising in the world and also confirm the need for us to act, be involved, and to shape the outcomes— outcomes that assure the rights and yearnings of so many for justice, Truth, assurance, acceptance, non- judgment and Peace.
To support the Union and Peace of all peoples in the world is our unified intention. How we play our part is both individual and collective, and begins in the Heart of the One, which we all hold as a Field of Union.
That Field of Union can be shared in an inclusive and extensive way when we each form a web of Chrystalline Light and send it anywhere that we are moved, called or requested to do so, either from inner wisdom or from outer struggles that surround us. We bring the Chrystalline Web of Creation to every challenge, revelation, nefarious act, discordant moment or large global separation. When we do this, we act immediately to dissipate, dissolve or shatter any indication of non-union. We support the presence of this Crystal of Creation as a way of calling forth Truth, holding Union and sending Love and Order to all life.
The Board of Directors of Soul Support Systems stands with each of you as you navigate these waters in this uncertain time. We stand with all peoples, all cultures, and all choices for autonomy and co-creation. We balance our hearts to include all.
We support you living in and from your heart and soul. Please reach out if you have a situation where we can support you. Please reach out if you have something to share with our community. Please use the response form on our website to communicate with us, to share your requests or offerings, and to let us know how you are using the Chrystalline Web. We intend that this web bring us all together, hold all worlds in harmony, and fully open us to the choice to bring our fullest Essence here NOW!
Thank you for your part in bringing the Promise of Union to Earth.

With love, appreciation and deep respect,
The Soul Support Board of Directors:
Rene Cornwell, President; William Ligon, Vice President; Lauren Liberti, Treasurer; Susan Quinn, Secretary; Sharron Clark and Don Jacobs.
Executive Director: Flo Magdalena
Grace and Blessings
July 10th Message from Jayn Stewart
The Blessings and Grace of All of the Spheres Surrounds You!
I have been receiving this guidance since I took my last breath in the body and my first breath in spirit.

I want each of you to know this, and to feel as I do that bringing the grace and blessings and receiving them is both an honor, a right, and constantly happening without cessation. We don’t ever stop getting or giving the grace and the blessings!

Since I last wrote or spoke, I have been indeed making my circles of Oneness wherever I go. I have also been watching each of you in the current battle that is happening within and without. I watch your inner world happenings, the past and the present fighting to gather a momentum in your present. I watch others attempting to influence your inner world by taking up space there and moving aside your wisdom . I watch how all of the Light Forces are directly now fortifying all of the stanchions and guardian posts and signal posts and places of quest and places of rest.