Holiday anxiety is so common you don't have to feel alone.This anxiety arises when we project perfection onto ourselves and others: wanting the "perfect" holidays. Fundamentally, this is wrong thinking. No one and nothing is ever perfect on this plane of existence. The human condition is inherently imperfect. Shift your thinking and allow for this truth. Try to keep focus on "what really matters" this holiday season and always: LOVE, LAUGHTER, INNER PEACE, and JOY. With some self-awareness these experiences can be infused into all of your holiday activities. Here are 3 STEPS to soothe Holiday Anxiety... Click for more plus A Daily Anxiety Release Meditation.

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Are you feeling Anxious?
You are not alone: U.S. News & World Report says that nearly three-quarters of Americans experience increased anxiety and depression during the holidays.

To effectively combat stress, you need to activate the ParaSympathetic Nervous System aka your Relaxation Response. You can do this by DEEP BREATHING done with your entire diaphragm:
your metabolism decreases;
your heart beats slower and your muscles relax;
your breathing slows;
your blood pressure decreases;
and your levels of nitric oxide increase which relax your arteries.

A wave of calm and peace envelopes you.

Take care of yourself first .
(Only then will you feel good enough to take care of others.)

These are ways to improve your chances  for a great holiday season:

Ask for help: Call us. 
You don't have to panic.  Come in...our entire staff is here to help calm, relax, and give to you!

Make a plan so you can just relax.  
Create a gift list and a budget that you can afford. Decide ahead of time what gatherings you will go to and what you're bringing.  Choose your outfit ahead of time.

Set your attitude to "gratitude". 
Decide from the get-go that no one has the power to take away your joy.
Cultivate JOY: Write a list of 10 things to be grateful for each morning.

Focus your efforts where they are appreciated.
Practice deep breathing and empathy when you have to be around a friend or family member that gets under your skin. Glide away from those "critical ones" and spend time with people that appreciate how great you are.

Help someone else.  
Give to a toy drive.  Volunteer at a Suicide Prevention Line.  Help a sick or elderly neighbor.  Shower others with compliments. Bring joy to the season .

Say "No" when you need to.   
Give yourself permission to respectfully decline things that make you anxious.  Protect yourself by drawing healthy boundaries.

Laugh. And laugh again. 
Remember: Laughter cools down the body's harmful stress responses.

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