Tips for Successful Holiday Business Gift-giving:
#4: Are Food Gifts a Good Idea?


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Business gifts of food are, without a doubt, popular; maybe even the most popular, holiday gift item.  
The question remains, "As a business gift, do I get the desired marketing results with a food gi ft that doesn't last longer than it takes to eat it?" The answer depends on a number of thing s:


1) Do es your gift have the "wow" factor? Are you choosing a gift basket from the same big box store that four other people will pick out to send to your recipients? If so, then the only "wow" factor will go to the company that gets the basket there first.


2) Did you choose a food gift that has a permanent component to it? A container (basket, bowl, cooler, mug, etc...) will stay around after the food has been enjoyed. When you r recipients look at that container, they will remember the delicious gifts that were inside and the company/person who sent it. If you can imprint the container, you have an additiona l option to make your gift stand out as a reminder of you. 


  3) Are you choosing quality food products to send? If the fruit arrives spoiled, the effect of the gift is spoiled. If no one wants to eat your gift, then you will either not be remembere d, or worse, be remembered in a bad li ght. Choose products that you would want to receive and eat.
But, if you're like that guy on the Travel Channel that eats bizarre foods, you probably want to keep it more mainstream for your recipients. 
Finally, remember, there are some good fruit cakes out there, but most people do not appreciate receiving one.

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