When Fred Rogers was a boy and saw scary things in the news, his mother would say, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” At Cyberwise, we're lucky, we know so many helpers working tirelessly to make the online world safer, kinder, and saner for our kids (you know who you are, thank you!!). We do our best to tell you about them via this newsletter, and on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter . Here is just a sprinkling of good things we hope will make your holidays merry and bright.


Your Friends at Cyberwise
A Lesson on Screen Time From Mister Rogers
Fred Rogers wasn't impressed with TV, but he saw the potential to use the medium for good. Find out why this matters today.
Tips for Buying Smart and Connected Toys
The Better Business Bureau urges parents to check out the connected toys and games they buy for their children. Here are their tips.
Curb Digital Distractions This Holiday
"We should all remember how to smell that pine tree or eat that apple pie without having to take pictures of it..."
We're All About the Kids
Some of our favorite moments of the year were spent in the classroom. Find out why.
Give the Gift of Good Digital Parenting
Give a Gift, Get a Gift
When you give our book--"Raising Humans in a Digital World"-- you get the Parent Gift Pack for yourself, AND we'll send it to a friend.
Get 6 of our most popular online safety and digital citizenship lessons from our popular curriculum--only $29.
Our full Cyber Civics curriculum is available to home school families/ groups at a great rate!
Here's a Holiday Freebie!
Take advantage of some down time to learn about digital citizenship through our free online course.
Spread Some Holiday Cheer?
If you read and found value in "Raising Humans in a Digital World" will you say so on Amazon (and mention our FREE Discussion Guide )? It helps other parents find us.
Look for Us in 2020!
2/5 | New Canaan Cares, New Canaan, CT
3/16 | Leo Baeck Day School, York, Ontario
3/16-19 | CA Charter School Conference, Long Beach, CA
3/31 | Waldorf School of Orange County, Costa Mesa, CA
4/16-19 | Nt'l Catholic Ed. Assoc., Baltimore, MD
6/21-24 | Nat'l Charter School Conference, Orlando, FL
6/23-26 | Waldorf100 "Learn To Change The World" Education Innovation Summit, Chicago, IL.