Saba Grocers Initiative Partners with Corner Stores for Affordable Fresh Produce in Oakland

Nawah Market and Deli located at 5489 Foothill Blvd is one of the latest family corner stores participating in the SABA Grocer's Initiative store offering accessible fresh fruits and vegetables to our community.

Nawah Market and Deli has prioritize family safety by removing tobacco from the store. They also actively participate in the USDA-funded "Fresh 5x" nutrition incentive program, supporting local grocers supplementing CalFresh and CalSNAP benefits. Thank you, Nawah Market and Deli, for being a valued business member of our community and for your contributions.

Visit to learn more about these events and alternative bulky disposal options.

District 6 has two vacancies on the Budget Advisory Commission that need to be filled.


The Budget Advisory Commission is a fifteen-member board of volunteers dedicated to advising the City’s elected officials on expenditures, revenues, and financial policies. The BAC’s advice generally takes the form of information reports submitted to the Finance & Management Committee of City Council. Generally, the BAC researches topics deemed important to the fiscal health of the City, encourages public participation and input into the City’s fiscal decision making, and improving the transparency and accountability of City fiscal information and decision making.


Commission Members

Commissioners are appointed for a term of 3 years. Each member of the Commission must be an Oakland resident. Eight Commissioners are appointed respectively by each City Council member. Three Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. Two commissioners are appointed by the City Council Finance Committee. One Commissioner is appointed by the City Auditor and the Chair of the Economic and Workforce Development Committee. Once appointed, a Commissioner is expected to participate in monthly meetings (second Wednesday of the month from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at City Hall) and occasional subcommittee meetings to produce relevant reports to present to City Council.


Desired Skills & Abilities

Commissioners should represent a variety of backgrounds and professions so that the Commission provides a well-rounded perspective on Oakland City government, community building and engagement, leadership, program administration, and policies related to municipal finance, ethics and transparency. Specifically, a Commissioner should be able to do the following:


  • Read, analyze, and understand written information and make decisions based on the information
  • Listen to public input, assess community needs, and make decisions about how to best accomplish the Commission’s goals
  • Understand the context in which the Commission operates within City government and the broader community
  • Communicate orally during a public televised meeting
  • Collaborate effectively with other Commissioners, the public, City officials, and staff
  • Serve with fairness, openness, honesty, and integrity
  • Identify personal conflicts of interest or other factors that could lead to actual or perceived improper influence
  • Complete a Form 700 – Statement of Economic Interests annually, disclosing information such as one’s financial interests in investments, property, income, and gifts (to view a copy of a Form 700, contact Commission staff or visit
  • Adhere to all Commission-related laws and policies, including but not limited to the Oakland City Charter, Oakland Government Ethics Act, and Oakland Sunshine Ordinance


Commission Duties

Commissioners provide feedback and suggested questions for the biennial budget survey, may produce recommendations and suggested amendments for the biennial budget process and midcycle budget amendment, and provide feedback on potential process improvements for each biennial budget process. Commissioners also may develop ad hoc study committees that analyze different aspects of the City’s financial condition based upon the interests of the Commissioners during periods that do not have a required report or deliverable for the Mayor and City Council.


Potential Commissioners can apply for the BAC positions here:


City of Oakland Announces New Permanent Chief of Violence Prevention, Dr. Holly Joshi

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City Enhances Community Safety Initiatives This Holiday Season

  • Five After Five secure downtown parking allows downtown visitors and workers to park at the Franklin Plaza Parking Garage at 19th Street & Franklin Street for a flat rate of $5 on weekdays after 5pm and all day on weekends.
  • Think Oakland First is a new partnership with Visit Oakland to support local businesses, explore vibrant neighborhoods, and enjoy added safety with extra police officers and safety ambassadors. Shop, dine, and celebrate responsibly.
  • Activate Oakland Grantees have been announced! 38 sponsorships will activate public spaces and support more than 120 community events in Oakland’s downtown and neighborhood commercial areas. The events will occur in 18 of Oakland’s commercial districts, supporting hundreds of small businesses, artists, and arts and culture organizations into next year.

MPERT is proud to announce we now have six emergency neighborhood gathering locations throughout Maxwell Park called incident command centers (ICC). These ICCs are located in sectors: AA, AB, C, D, E, and I. Neighbors can gather at the ICCs to get or offer help during a major emergency. It is the ideal location to store community emergency supplies including radios, crow bar, tarp, and first aid supplies. To find the ICC nearest you, contact [email protected].

The goal is to identify two ICC locations per sector. Hosting an ICC does not require much work on your end. Your address is listed as an ICC and you give at least one neighbor access to this box for use during an emergency, in case you are not home; but nobody needs to enter your home. Once funding becomes available, MPERT can provide a 3x5 garden storage box for community emergency supplies. If you can host an ICC, please reach out: [email protected], 510-917-9994.

Opportunities Await: Current Vacancies Across Oakland

We are pleased to announce that Oakland will be celebrating its 22nd Annual MLK Day of Service on Monday, January 15th! This day of service empowers individuals, strengthens communities, bridges barriers, addresses social problems, and moves us closer to Dr. King’s vision of a Beloved Community.  


We are looking for dedicated individuals, groups and/or organizations to serve as Site Coordinators, who will lead clean-up and beautification projects at community sites across the city.  Projects can include litter pickup, graffiti removal, weeding & planting, or another service activity of your choice. To register as a Site Coordinator, please complete the MLK Day of Service 2024 Site Registration Form by December 15th. If you’d like to borrow tools and supplies, please submit a Tool Request Form upon completion of your registration.   

Registered sites will be added to an online interactive map in the coming weeks to showcase the service projects happening across the city and to recruit additional volunteers to support each event site. To learn more about how to get involved or support an event near you, visit  


We value the impact you are making in Oakland, and we hope to see you for MLK Day of Service!   


If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please contact Oakland Public Works’ Environmental Stewardship Program at (510) 238-7630 or via email: [email protected]  

Upcoming Events

Fruitvale Posada 

  • Saturday, December 16th from 10:00am to 5:00pm 

Fairy Winterland at Children’s Fairyland 

  • December 16 – 30 

Oakland Zoo Glowfari Lantern Festival 

  • Multiple nights in December and January 

Holiday Fest Winter Market at the Bridge Yard 

  • Saturday, December 16 from 11:00am to 5:00pm, 210 Burma Road 

Oakland Ballet presents The Nutcracker 

  • December 16th and 17th, Paramount Theatre 

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