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Staff Holiday Picks  
The Mirror Thief - Martin Seay
Seay's prose, pacing and proportioning might be perfect. The writing in The Mirror Thief feels so natural that I practically tumbled into each of these intertwined worlds and eras. His word choice is so correct, I felt I was living his characters in real time. The Mirror Thief enchanted me Vegas to Venice, page one till the end. - Tony

Nothing Rhymes with Orange - Adam Rex
"Fruit! They're healthy, happy, colorful and cute!" But poor Orange is on the sidelines and sulky because grapes wear capes and canteloupe can be fed to antelope. Even Nietzsche makes an appearance in this rollicking rhyming book that ultimately finds a way to include Orange in its infectious fun. - Catherine

Go, Went, Gone - Jenny Erpenbeck
If compassion is the ultimate subtext of the Holiday Season, then Jenny Erpenbeck, who grew up in East Germany and experienced the nationwide embrace of Reunification, has written an impeccable Holiday novel. Go, Went, Gone is the story of a retired university professor who reinvigorates his own life through a deepening involvement with African refugees, whose former lives have been erased more thoroughly than his own. José

The Best Land Under Heaven - Michael Wallis
This is the new authoritative history of what has become known as the Donner Party. Wallis maintains perspective, cultivates context, and interweaves the tale seamlessly with first-hand accounts. It's more than an exposition on survival cannibalism, though that is covered extensively, it's about the overwhelming drive of Americans to uproot themselves in the search of something better, despite all costs. - Stephanie

Shakespeare's True Love - Helen E. Burton
This is the perfect title for any Shakespeare lovers out there, as well as fans of historical fiction in general. I also like it because the author is my girlfriend's mom. "Let me not to the marriage of true minds. Admit impediments." ~ Sonnet 116. - Lane

The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner
The thief, young, arrogant and irreverent, is taken out of prison by the court's Magus on a cross-country mission to steal a king-maker relic. But Gen isn't about to go quietly and this character-driven tale evolves into a thrilling, political, and mysterious intrigue in an Ancient Greece-like land, complete with a pantheon of Gods. The latest in the series came out this year, but start with The Thief! - Morgane

Today Will Be Different - Maria Semple
Eleanor Flood is the most natural parts of us all embodied: insecure, off-kilter, and struggling to find joy in her life. A wealthy Seattle artist, mother approaching middle age, increasingly distant wife, and daughter of an alcoholic single father, Eleanor is overwhelmed and wondering if the aspirations she built her life around will ever be actualized. Wrought with everyday rumpus, Eleanor's story is relatable, heartfelt, hilarious, and satisfyingly concluded in Semple's gratifying yet realistic style. - Lila Ann

The Lost City of the Monkey God - Douglas Preston
Being a fan of non-fiction, I rarely encounter such an exciting read.   The Lost City of the Monkey God is a real-life adventure involving the   new technology "Lidar", used to scan the triple-canopy rainforest of   Honduras, revealing ruins and artifacts of a lost civilization.  Explorers encounter buzzing insects, torrential rain, poisonous snakes,   howling monkeys and a bizarre infectious disease.  I read it, gave the   book to my dad; he read it, and passed it on to his father: so it has   been enjoyed by three generations of my family.

Giant of the Senate - Al Franken
Franken will likely improve your opinion of some politicians. Ted Cruz will not be one of them. - Tim

October: The Story of the Russian Revolution - China Mieville
This is my favorite book of 2017. It is an erudite and informative chronicle of the Russian Revolution of 1917, but it is written in enthralling prose and is never dry. It's the perfect gift for the smart, savvy people in your life; maybe you yourself are among those people! - Holden

John Ronald's Dragons - Caroline McAlister
You don't have to love Tolkien to enjoy this story of a boy who loved dragons, but if you do it's pure magic. This biography follows Tolkien through each formative event that led to the writing of his first "English folktale", our beloved Hobbit.- Emma

How to Be Happy - Eleanor Davis
Fend off winter blues with Eleanor Davis's  compilation of graphic shorts, How to Be Happy. Absurdly comical and strangely tender, her characters explore some familiar human paradoxes and arrive at curious insights that strike home. The exquisite style and vibrant colors of Davis's illustrations add to the unique aura and charm of her work. This book is a real gem. - David
Best Weller's Pick for November-December
20% Off 
Wild Horse Country: The History, Myth, and Future of the Mustang 
David Philipps
Review by Frank Pester
Publisher's Price: $27.95
Our Price $22.36

"We kill the things we love." 
David Philipps, after talking to scientists and ranchers across the American West, has written about the wild horse from its prehistory to the introduction by Spanish conquistadors and its inclusion in the early American wars. Mustangs have ingrained their presence in the imagination of the country, from books to films. Yet, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, "we kill the things we love" and the horse finds itself in the cross hairs of controversy between animal rights activists, ranchers and the Federal Government.
The Spanish brought horses and used them to conquer the Native Peoples who were awe struck by them. As Philipps says, "The assertion that horses are not native made perfect sense to me at first." Yet, palaeontologists have uncovered remains of early horses throughout the West. The author also studies the history of exploitation of the West's native resources by Eastern businessmen, whether it be lumber, bison or horses. Today, animal activists want to save the mustangs, while government officials try to control the numbers. Phillips enlightens and makes his point for the preservation of the resources we have left.

The wild mustang has from very early on become a symbol, not of greatness or strength like Paul Bunyan, but of Independence. Writers like Zane Grey created a mythos that included the White Stallion, which became embedded in the American Culture. This book also fits well in our area: we are surrounded by the hostile and vacant areas the mustang calls home.
Wild Horse Country wraps up with what may seem like an idealistic solution but one that might be feasible under new bureaucratic guidelines. Phillipps travels to remote Montgomery Pass, Nevada. There, a researcher has realized that the numbers have remained steady, due to the existence of mountain lions. Natural predation has kept the herd in check.
We first computerized our inventory in 1989. It felt late to me when we started casually listing books online in 1994, before we had a website. Back then, the internet seemed like a promising new thing but we didn't yet know how the same technology was about to make our lives hard a few years hence. By the late 1990s, independent stores like ours were fighting for survival and, sadly, many lost. So, the emergent technologies became more difficult for financially hampered indies to afford while our reduced numbers left fewer clients for software developers who might create products for the independent market.
We continued building our database. On a day in 2006, we made a commitment to enter every book we owned into our database. We came close but didn't fully achieve comprehensive listings until we moved to Trolley Square in 2012. The hardest part of the Weller inventory online has been getting the very different aspects of the New Book industry and the Rare Book world to merge in searches. We are extremely excited now to have a new website that presents online browsers with a searchable database that includes our New, Used and Rare Books alongside books that can be ordered from our sources. All our titles are expected to appear on the new Weller Book Works website by December. Additionally, one can order books we don't have in stock for speedy delivery. For digital and audio book fans, we offer alternatives to the products available from a dominant, anti-trust law-breaking, hegemonic company. Kobo eReaders and eBooks are compatible with all devises but the K-thing. LibroFM is a sharp, independent, friendly option for audio book listeners who don't support corporate imperialism.
Yes, beginning in December the Weller Book Works website will present, in addition to our exciting events calendar and astute staff recommendations , New Books, Used Books, Rare Books, Books that can be ordered, eBooks and Audio Books! Weller Book Works is a strange and magical animal. Check out wellerbookworks.com !

Free  Play Reading Sweat by Lynn Nottag e. Presented and directed by Dr. Richard Scharine. In one of the poorest cities in America, a group of factory workers struggle to keep their lives in balance, ignorant of the financial devastation looming in their near future. Lynn Nottage is the recipient of two Pulitzer Prize Awards.
Western Mystery writer C. M. Wendleboe reads and signs Hunting the Five Point Killer. Former detective Arn Anderson never thought he'd be broke enough to take on a cold murder case. But he doesn't seem to be the only one coming out of retirement. On the tenth anniversary of the murders, the Five Point Killer is back.

Susan Lehman reads and signs her True Crime books.
Visions of Ted Bundy: The Psychic and the Chi Omega Murders
reporter Helen Baxter is approached by a young music student, who claims to have provided key details that led to the capture of Bundy, thanks to his visions. Was there a psychic link between Joseph and the killer?
Echoes from the Mind: The Psychic and the Gainesville Student Murders: Helen Baxter performs her own investigation of Florida murders with the help of several unusual sources: psychics. Would they be able to provide the police with enough credible information to stop the killings?

  Weller Book Works and We Olive present our next in the Books and Cooks Culinary Competition: Xmas Cookies ! Do you have a family recipe or original creations? This battle is for you!
Contact Lane for entry details: lane@wellerbookworks.com, or 801-328-2586. There will be giveaways and prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Judging is done blind, with a three judge panel. We'd love to see you there! And if you don't want to compete, come watch to be part of the fun and taste some awesome Christmas treats!
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